Where ya knittin' from?

How’s that for a grammatically questionable subject?

I know not everybody wants to “out” themselves and their location online, but I’ve never had that particular qualm. I’m from Memphis and there are about 4 yarn shops in the city; I frequent 3 of them and totally miss the one that closed a few months back. It was so convenient! The rest are in Germantown or Midtown, but I cope.

So anyway, I’m knitting from Memphis, TN. I’ve been knitting for about 2 years and love it. I try my hand at anything that strikes my fancy. I have never successfully made a scarf. I guess I skipped scarfing. My first FO was a set of wristwarmers from Knitty.

So that me and my mini-bio. What about you? Where ya from?

I’m in Laguna Hills, CA. I know of only 2 knitting stores nearby which is odd since we have a bazillion Starbucks. :?? :roflhard: I started knitting in October 2005.

Jan, I used to live in Laguna Hills too! I lived off of Beckenham off of Paseo de Valencia. I now live in Eastern Washington State (for the last nine years). We have a few fun LYSs.

I am in Florence, Oregon. Where is that? It on the coast about 60 miles east of Eugene. We only have one small LYS here. All the other yarn stores are at least 50 miles from me. I have only been knitting since December. I have only lived here for 5 years. I am originally from the San Jose (CA) area.

I’ve only lived in Memphis about 3 1/2 years. I was born/raised in California and Nevada. I love the west. Wish I’d been a knitter when I lived in CA; I’m sure there were tons of shops around San Francisco and L.A.

I’m gonna go pine quietly for real, live mountains and desert sunsets. sigh

ya know they have mountains in TN right?

as for me…i am usually knitting from the front row of the theatre.

right in the middle of everywhere.

I’m in Newport, Oregon. Howdy neighbour!
Moving to Portland soon - I’m excited, there are at least 4 yarn shops that are within walking distance of campus. HEHE!!

I’m knitting from Eastern New York State. I wish I had MORE LYS around.

I am from Calabash, NC (right on the boarder of SC) so I try and knit a lot at the beach … and I only have 1 LYS close to me :verysad: I have been knitting from just about a year now and I love it …

I am from northern New Jersey (hence my extremely creative screen name - njknitter).

There are a few local yarn stores around, but my favorites are in Maine where we visit each summer. I also found a really great one on eastern Long Island (NY) in Greenport on the North Fork. We have a (Tiny, [size=2]tiny[/size], [size=1]tiny[/size]) summer home out there on the South Fork.

It is fun to hear from people on this site who are from all over!

I’m knitting from Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic…in this little island its difficult to get knitting stuff…I tried and went to all these merceries…and nothing… :frowning: I buy my yarn and needles in the only place I’ve found decent knitting needles (the only size they have is 4.5mm :P) so I’m really looking forward to going to canada for christmas so I can get my hands on all sorts of knitting goodies :smiley: :smiley: …plus I don’t know anyone else who knits :frowning:

I’m in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and in Gatlinburg, Tennessee part of the time. We kind of bounce back and forth between the two houses when we get tired of the Florida heat.
I just started knitting a few weeks ago and the nearest yarn shop is pretty far away from me. I’m self taught, well that and this site and the help of everyone here. :teehee:

Hello all :muah: Knitting for 2 years here, in the middle of the southeastern US :muah:

I’m from the beautiful island of Barbados… where you can get sunshine (when there isn’t a hurricane brewing in the ocean somewhere :oo: ) blue skies, sandy beaches and friendly people BUT not a yarn store to be found!! There are craft stores that sell one kind of yarn that’s not suited for our weather so I have to get all my stuff online. :wall:

Mo0nAngel, good to see another Caribbean knitter on the board! I can’t find anyone here that does it either!


I’m usually knitting in my rocking chair looking out at the woods in OH… wishing we could be back in WV so I could knit in the mountains… :rofl: although at least here I have one LYS i can get to and its close… in WV I have no idea where I’d go… even wally world is a trip LOL…

I’ve always wanted to live in the mountains too. I am at my happiest when I can see the mountains all around me. But, I guess I’ll have to settle for knitting in my craft room in my little house near Charlotte, North Carolina.

I am knitting from a small town, about 100 miles northeast of Dallas Texas. I love to sit on my front porch with my knitting, surrounded by my plants, and my cats, and the hummingbirds. Since summers are brutal in Tx, I can only do this during the spring and fall.

Unfortunately, the nearest LYS is about an hour and a half away in Plano. :pout: But there’s always the internet. :cheering:

Learned to crochet in Tampico (Gulf Coast side of Mexico), to knit in Colorado and I’m now doing both in Rapid City, SD.

I found out after moving here, that the only LYS in town closed recently. The closest one to me now is in Spearfish, which is about 50 miles away :verysad:

If I’d taken my car to OH when BF and I went there a couple weeks ago, I’d had a lot of fun visiting all the LYS close to Youngstown :teehee:

They don’t count.

I mean Nevada mountains. They’re the ones I miss. :slight_smile:

From India here. Not supposed to be knitting at all for this weather :smiley: