Where would you get this kind of yarn?


I’m wondering where you would find this kind of yarn? What’s it called and I could use a basic knitting stitch to make this right? Can you tell I’m a beginner knitter? lol


There are some super bulky yarns that aren’t twisted (called single ply) but they may not be thick enough. Roving is the thick unplied wool that is spun into regular yarn and you might find that somewhere. It could be braided if super bulky or possibly a crocheted chain stitch that’s coiled aroud; could be knit with super large needles size 35 or 50 . I think the picture may also be photoshopped…

Well, there are more examples on FB. Her page is called devoted knits. She is charging so much for them, and I figured…maybe I could make it myself :slight_smile:


The blue stuff looks like ruffle yarn, I can’t get a good closeup on it. Here’s the regular webpage, the pictures are a little better there. A lot of it looks like the roving I mentioned, some is just arranged and not really knit.

Look up “roving yarn” on google. There’s lots of results. I suspect it’s just roving for spinning that’s just braided though.