Where/when do you wear your beautiful socks?

It probably sounds silly but I am sort of puzzled about the use of beautiful, colourful socks that so many people make. I come from a country with cold winters and from my childhood I only knew very thick wool socks one would wear with heavy boots. Or cute but still thick children socks to walk on the cold floor.

Some of the socks I see here and on Ravelry are so delicate and pretty, it’s a pity to cover them with any kind of shoes :slight_smile: Plus, the colours are so rich that the rest of the outfit needs to be very plain, almost like a canvas :slight_smile: I get the ‘retro chic’ and ‘crunchy mama’ looks that are pictured in magazines but I am yet to see them on real people. Or they just wear them at home, enjoying a cup of coffee on the deck? :slight_smile:

The actual reason for asking – turned out, I enjoy making socks and they make an unusual gift. So it would be helpful to imagine how those socks would be used in real life.

I haven’t made many socks, but the ones that I have actually finished and worn were with variegated yarn. I can’t imagine ever finishing plain socks!!

When I first wore them, I walked around, pulled up my pant leg and said, “Look at my socks! I made them!” :happydance::rofl:

That, and putting them on when my feet are especially cold at home, like you said.

Inside, it can really be a luxury and just give you a lift.

Until I developed what I think is peripheral neuropathy which causes my feet to hurt when the get very hot I used to wear them as bed socks on cold nights or around the house in slippers.

There are patterns for heavier socks, too. I suggest using a pattern the first time to learn and understand the construction then you can make them out of whatever yarn you want. :thumbsup:

Here’s the pattern I always recommend for new sock knitters. The tutorial and photos are excellent and you get the option to make them in various yarns.

  1. @ Jan in CA: Thank you for the link! The Horrible Socks Class I struggled through in August didn’t give me nearly the specifics that this tutorial does. I’ll add the tutorial to the couple of books I now plan to use to learn to knit socks. :muah:

  2. @ Olha: I’ve always imagined knitters (and crocheters!) wearing handmade socks at meetings with others of like mind. And maybe taking off their shoes, once indoors, so that the socks can be seen in their complete splendor. But perhaps wearing the socks with a skirt or dress that leaves the lower leg exposed to “subtly” reveal the glorious socks will also do! :slight_smile:


Thanks, everyone!

I have made a few pairs of the “pretty and delicate” socks, which I wear mostly with jeans. It is nice to stretch out your foot and see that lovely color and pattern and to know you made it.
Most of the socks that I make are the more useful sort. I mostly make socks in a thicker yarn to wear to work, where I am on my feet all day. It feels so much better to wear my own wool socks made to fit my narrow feet and thick ankles, than to wear the socks available from the store. I still use nice colors, but not the fancy patterned yarn.

And they are a great way to show off your skills worn with sandals in the summer. Here where I live, people wear things like that all the time. They’re not practical for winter, but ladies wear them anyway just for fashion. It’s not unusual to see women wearing high heels as they slowly walk on icy sidewalks with big snow drifts. Here, people tend to run from a warm car into a warm building so they don’t spend a lot of time outside. I know you and I are outdoors people. I walk all the time in all kinds of weather. I look like a snowman all bundled up but I don’t care, I’m warm. Warmth and comfort are what I look for in socks. But it’s nice to indulge and wear something beautiful too. We deserve it. That’s what being a girl is all about.

Where ever my feet go. Everyone needs some color and pride in their lives.

Today I took my kids to the library and picked up a pile of knitting books to flip through. One of them was about toe up socks. I have to admit, the green socks and a white mens shirt on a girl was the best look to my taste :slight_smile:

Here’s my two cent’s worth: Knitting socks is like crocheting toilet roll covers–absolutely USELESS! Why would I want to waste my time knitting something that nobody will ever see?

Bottom line: Knitting socks is a waste of good yarn, good money, and valuable time!

The only time I [I]might[/I] (and that’s a very slim possibility) knit socks is for my husband. But at this point, he can buy wool socks that keep him perfectly warm–which means I can devote my time to other, funner, vastly more useful projects!

By the way, no one has to agree with me on this, and you don’t need to try to change my mind either! :slight_smile:

@ Antares - :teehee:

My thoughts are that people don’t knit socks for others. They knit them for themselves. It’s nice to wear pretty things even if no one else sees them. The thing about hand knit socks is they are incredibly comfortable! I love them, but just can’t wear them now. :frowning:

to Antares – fierce and fearless! :slight_smile:

to Jan – sorry to hear that :frowning:

Interesting to ask, for sure…
I wear my lace and cable socks mostly around my house or when I go to visit friends (ususally we take the shoes off at peoples houses among my friends).
So they make a nice cheery part of my day, fire truck red, “flaming” turquoise, pretty pink and so on.

Socks with most the pattern above the ankle or with pattern that does not put pressure on in shoes I also wear with sneakers, trecking shoes, hiking shoes if needed and ususally with blue jeans. Blue Jeans are alway a perfect canvas for any outrageous design :o)

And: No, at the office I will not wear these socks with clashing colors, mostly not at all…

Does that help your general quest of ideas and inspiration?

Yes, thank you, I find this thread to be very helpful and interesting.

On a side note, some famous knitters come to New Brunswick, the neighboring province for the East Knit Atlantic Fiber Fest http://www.kniteast.com/ (is it OK to post it here? I am not endorsing anything). And there are some random connections and coincidences around it that are all related to socks, ideas and inspiration :slight_smile:

For example, this moment I am reading a book by one of the authors who will be present at this event. There is a lot of sock philosophy in her book.

By the way, do you have a Read-Along book club of any sort here? :slight_smile:

No we don’t, but there are posts occasionally about books. :thumbsup:

One book that I thought was great was Drunk Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair by Crazy Aunt Purl: The true life adventures of a 30-something who learned to knit after he split.

I wear my handmade socks to yoga class, as well as to the monastery for meditation.

I almost always get questions about where I got such pretty socks.

I can totally see that, just reading it puts me in a dreamy state of mind :slight_smile: