Where were you on 9/11/01?

I saw this topic on another message board, and got curious.

I was at work. I had no clue until I ended up on hold and some businesses when you are put on hold have a radio station going so you listen to music and I happened to go into hold as an announcer said, “And the World Trade Center is no more!” and I just kind of froze. We had no radio or anything going at work, ever. None of us - as we all started work that day at 8am - had a clue that anything out of the ordinary was going on. A group of my co-workers were at the WTC that day - in the offices of a client - none of them survived, for the floor was above where the plane hit, and I believe it was one of the companies listed later as having only a few survivors - and the survivors were later determined to survive for they were not in the office at the time of the disaster.

We were sent home early but before I left the office, I got a call from my younger daughter’s school, she was 12 almost 13. n this area you need a permission slip for literally everything - except this.

Many ‘experts’ were saying Philadelphia was a prime target for another attack. In this area, that was mentioned at least once a minute with all these “what you should do” clauses after it.

When you watch something live like that as it happens, they show the same scenes in various angles - but the announcers talk and say things and kids easily get mixed up. She was left with the impression that all of NYC was gone, not just the towers. She heard mention of Washington, DC and the Pentagon, but thought that entire city was gone as well. And with all the talk of Philadelphia and the plane that landed in western PA in a field, she thought that all of Philadelphia was also gone. The school called saying she was traumatized. What did I want them to do? My hubby and I both worked in different parts of Philadelphia at the time. The entire SE part of PA was in a panic, traffic was stopped for miles on every road as people tried to get home for work or school or where ever they may have been when the city started shutting every thing down. I told the one who called me to fire the teacher that allowed them to watch something so traumatic with out permission from parents. Ended up more than 85% of the kids in her school ages 11 to 14 were traumatized and most did not try to return to school until some time the following week - schools were closed in this area on 9/12 and 9/13. The kids had sat there from before 9am when it first came on the air until they were sent home near 12pm - watching that over and over and over. Traumatized? I guess so, she thought she was orphaned that day sigh

I was working as well. I work at home, though. My mother called and told me to turn on my TV to see what was happening.

I was at home, watching “28 Days” on HBO when they interrupted a MOVIE channel with a news crawler that the first tower had been hit by an airplane. I switched to a news channel to see what was going on. I called my dad and asked if he though it was terrorism. It was before the second hit. I was on the phone with him when it did…

I was about 1 mile from the pentagon, in my 12th floor office. I could see the smoke. my best friend was in NYC about 6 blocks from the WTC. we happened to be on the phone to each other.

it took me about 6 hours to get home: no metro service, no car… my DH and I work at the same place. we got a ride home from a co worker with a car going the same way.

The news images are seared into my brain: I just can’t watch the footage any more. I’m just thankful for all the first responders and critical personnel who keep the world running no matter what.

Sunny that is awful! How scary for all of you!

I was home sleeping (I live on the west coast) and DH came in and woke me up. He said a plane hat crashed into the WTC. At this point we had no idea it was a terrorist attack, but that became obvious as we watched.

DH is a retired firefighter so this is all the more poignant.

The news images are seared into my brain

Which is why we avoided having the TV on after 9/11/01 for more than 2 months. The girls were allowed to watch videos but nothing else. The way it hit my younger one, neither ever complained about that restriction and more than once both of my girls came home from friends’ houses for their friends had stuff on the TV and they couldn’t handle watching it.

I was at work but I left early and picked my son up from daycare that was one of the scariest days of my life because no one knew what would happen next.

I was working. I remember hearing something on the radio or maybe even seeing something on one of the message boards that I frequented back then. It was all too surreal. I was working with my mom then and we both were in shock.

[SIZE=2][FONT=Arial][FONT=Verdana]I’ve always listen to my parents talk about how they remember the exact moment that they found out JFK had been shot and never understood it until 9/11. I was a senior in high school and in the guidance counselor’s office meeting about my college applications. One of the other guidance counselors came into her office and said that a plane had hit one of the twin towers. We went into another room with a little tv to see what was going on and then all of a sudden the other tower was hit. I don’t think I really even realized or thought about how serious it was at the time. I ended up going on to my next class and it was all anyone could talk about. Or school got news channels on the tvs, so many of my teachers put on the news. Eventually the principal came on the announcements to announce what had happened. I think everyone was just in complete shock, I’m from southern CT and many people’s parents commute to work in NYC so there was a lot of worried kids. [/FONT][/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][FONT=Arial][FONT=Verdana] I don’t think it was too much later that we started hearing things about how they thought Osama Bin Laden was behind the attack. One of my teachers who was in the National Guard was told to get his affairs in order and that he was going to duty. It was so sad hearing this and his wife had just had a baby. [/FONT][/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][FONT=Arial][FONT=Verdana] I remember coming home from school and just watching the news with my dad crying. It was horrible watching the people try to escape running down the streets and hearing families who didn’t know where their loved ones were. [/FONT][/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][FONT=Arial][FONT=Verdana]Every year on 9/11 I get a little teary eyed. I know people say this all the time but it really does feel like it was just yesterday that this happened. I can’t believe its actually been 6 years.[/FONT][/FONT][/SIZE]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial][FONT=Verdana]In the months after the attack, I thought it was amazing to see all of the American flags and supportive signs everywhere. It was like everyone really came together came together during a hard time.[/FONT] [/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT]

I was at home… on a military post (Ft Polk, LA).

DH was already at work and I was watching a re-run of ER on TNT. They interrupted the show to say the Pentagon had been hit. I called DH at work and he said he knew and had to get off the phone as they were in the middle of securing post. (He is a Signal guy, so they deal with all radio communications, etc.)

I sat in front of the TV all day watching the news coverage and DH didn’t get home until late that night. I was go glad to have him home.

For the next few days/weeks it was really eerie living on a military post… Our housing area was guarded by Soldiers on Armored Humvees with 50 caliber machine guns. Besides having to show ID when we came onto post from town, we also had to show it when entering our housing area. My friends and I would go for walks and had to make sure we had out military/dependent IDs with us.

it took me about 6 hours to get home: no metro service, no car… my DH and I work at the same place. we got a ride home from a co worker with a car going the same way

Usually it was less than 1 hour between where my DH worked at that time and home. We both got off around 1pm and we didn’t get home until after 8pm that night. I got stranded, the transit service shut down more routes than it left open. I had to call him to come get me from a distant station between routes. I couldn’t get to work the rest of the week, the transit lines were all down. The threat in Philly was monstrous… and although we live in a small town way out of the metro area, it affected the entire SE sector of the state.

I had just gotten up. Turned on the computers like I do first thing in the morning. I looked at CNN and saw where a plane had hit the world trade center. I figured it was a small plane and no real big deal. I kept up with the news and realized it was a big deal real soon.
My husband was in Phoenix. He ended up making a speedy retreat when one of the guys he was conventioning with came up to him and said “I’m leaving in 15 minutes, I have a minivan I rented. If you want to get home, grab your stuff and let’s go.” On the way home back to Florida they picked up a guy (neighbor) who was stranded in Texas with no way home and dropped him off. It was quite the ride, straight through from Phoenix to Houston to Tampa, only stopping for gas and potty breaks.
I remember one thing vividly about that day,…I called my mom to express concern that my hubby was not home and I was scared to have him all the way across the US during this time…she told me to grow up. :grrr:

I had just dropped off the kids at school and stopped at the grocery store for something for dinner. They play different radio stations over the intercom and I remember I was debating fritos or cheetos when the news broke. I didn’t get either. I checked out as fast as possible and drove home to watch the news. The kids knew about it at school. My next to oldest said they were watching it until the principal made the teachers turn off the t.v’s.

I was at home. I was still in bed as I had a doctor’s appointment that day and was going into the office late. I had the TV on but wsa facing away from it. We get the Today show and hour late here and it struck me that it didn’t sound right because it sounded like it was actually live. I turned to look and they were talking about the first plane hitting the building. They were still calling it a commuter plane at that time. Then when we watched the 2nd one hit live I jumped out of bed and went running to the phone. I had to find out where the sometimes b/f was. When I was talking to him, we still didn’t know what was going on but it was clear that it was bad. His question to me was “WHy did they fly TWO planes into the WTC?” He was at an appointment and hadn’t heard anything yet himself. Of course I had no answers for him, just relief to hear his voice.

I bought the DVDs that came out of the footage after 9/11 because I felt like I wanted to have them, sort of as documentation I guess. They are still in their cellophane. I can’t watch them. I truly wish I hadn’t seen Flight 93 but felt like I had to.

I was nursing my baby girl and watching my morning news. I watched the whole thing unfold from the very beginning.

I grew up by DC, and ended up calling all my relatives after the Pentagon got hit. I had already had a trip planned in October, and went on it. Got to see the damage firsthand. Simply staggering.

:noway: :passedout:

I was laying in bed with a very pregnant belly (my oldest) flipping thru the channels when I saw the second plane hit and called my husband into the room. I was in shock, complete shock, could not believe what I was watching was real. Husband had to go to work and I kept calling him and letting him know what was going on. I know I will remember where I was for this but I do not remember the shuttle tradegy, I just remember the sadness when I saw it explode, that was the same (if not worse) sadness I felt when I saw the WTC fall to the ground.

I am in NJ and this morning, all the local stations had the memorial on and a few of the news stations too. MSNBC basically put in the footage from that day and let it run for however long, not sure because I would watch it for a few minutes, I actually tuned in just in time to see the second plane hit again then I had to change it. Oprah is on right now, she taped the show yesterday with kids whose parents died that day, so of course I am getting a little sad again.

yeah- I remember almost the whole Eastern Seaboard was shut down. no rail, no subways in any major city. we were so lucky our coworker (that we didn’t really know) drove us to where we had left the car. (usually a 45 min ride on the subway) We stayed home 1 day, but then Metro was running again.

I’m still surprised at how they let your kids watch it on TV. sometimes people have no common sense.

I started to watch the flight93 movie, but it is just so sad.

Despiteknowing people in NY and living in the DC area we didn’t know anyone (personally) who perished. but those who did are still on our prayer lists.

We didhn’t have our DD at the time (I found out I was 1 month pregnant a week later) I can’t imagine being separated from your kids during a crisis like that. it must be a helpless feeling.

But now we have a disaster plan, supplies, and possible routes out of MD if we ever need them.

My mother died on 9/9…her memorial was the afternoon of 9/11… Like many people we had not watched tv news for months prior because of the negative energy… My neighbor called and said turn it on…

I hope you all have been driving with your headlights on today!!! a tribute

I was in my sophomore year of college. I was at George Mason University, which is in Fairfax, Virginia.

I went to my first class that morning, which was an art class and was preparing for my 3 hour class when I heard my cell phone beep and checked it to see that it was my dad. I was a little confused b/c it wasn’t like him to call me knowing I was in class. He was calling to tell me he was at work… and that I might have to come get him. I was really confused and then the teacher came into class and started telling everyone what was going on. She immediatly told us to go back to our rooms/houses and wait for more word.

I remember walking back to my dorm and thinking about the fact my dad was 15 minutes or so from the pentagon, heck I was 25 minutes or so…

I watched tv on my computer in my dorm room that day. Classes were canceled and they opened up the Mason theater to live tv so everyone could watch. I didn’t have to pick up my dad that day b/c he managed to get a ride out of town. But I remember the the moment I got his call and thinking about the fact we were all so close.

What boggles my mind most, is that 3 years later, to the day, my son was born. It just goes to show that God can take life but he also gives life.