Where to vacation?

I need to plan my vacations ahead of time b/c of work and also need to save money and get someone to watch the pups etc etc

This week’s discussion is where we want to go … not sure we can afford the time or money for London (#1 on my list)

Need a cheap 1wk trip this fall - thinking take the motorcycle somewhere to camp/hike, sight see.

Ten a biggie or two for next year. Trying to decide btwn flying out west and renting a car to see Grand Canyon, Bryce, 4 corners, Mesa Verde etc. I’ve been there hubby not.

Sandals or Club Med - neither of us has been

Anyone live in a fun city or cool place that is “easy” to access from VA?

2 years ago my DH and I went to Zion, Bryce and Lake Powell. It was amazing. Bryce Canyon is one of the most beautiful places in the world that I have ever been. I tell everyone to go if they get the opportunity. Look at my Avatar - that is Bryce. Zion is incredible too, especially if you like to hike. The scenery is breathtaking. I cannot say enough about both those places.

The next year we went to Yellowstone. OMG - I cannot say enough about that place. There are so many things to see - the geysers is just one area - there is another area called The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone that blew us away.

GO GO GO… You will not regret it.

I have an aquaintence that swears if you like the beach kind of stuff, that the Sandals resort vacations are fabulous. They are pretty much all inclusive.

I, of course, am a huge Vegas fan so I always opt for it, but looks like you are camping folk and I abhor outdoor junk so I am no use to you there.

Do you like scenery trips? There are a number of fall-scenery/fall-color places you could go in the fall that are on the East Coast - New England, upstate new york, the Asheville NC area. You might have better luck finding a camping site than a hotel at this point in those areas, though.

If you’re into History, Philadelphia is a great place to go that isn’t too far away. I love visiting Boston and all the history places to see there.

Pittsburgh is also within driving distance and there are a number of things here which would make for a nice weekend.

Sanibelle - I too loved Bryce Canyon. My family went over spring break while we were living in Utah and believe it or not it snowed (feet) while we were there. I really would like to go out west, but deciding where to go is so hard !! It’s all so spread out.

Just found last minute deals through AAA and you can book trips (super cheap) within 14 days of departure. Think we will schedule a week off in early Nov and then pick a last minute deal - keep fingers crossed for Charleston, SC.

We are thinking about a leaf peeper trip on the motorcycle along the Blue Ridge Parkway to Cherokee, NC some weekend too…

I’ve heard awesome things about Bryce/Zion and that whole area although we’ve yet to visit ourselves (high on the list). Guess it mainly depends on what you like to do. If you like hiking/scenery it’s hard to beat national parks, especially the ones you mentioned.