Where to stash yarn?

My knitting stuff is spread out all over the house. I would love to have ONE place to store everything: yarn, patterns, books, needles, etc.

I was thinking about buying an armoire, but I’m concerned it would have a strong ‘woodsy’ smell. Do any of you use an armoire for storing yarn and knitting supplies?

Also, I have a guest bedroom that I could convert the closet into one of those organizer-system-things. However, I had one of those closets in a different home and my folded clothes always had grid mark creases, so I’m concerned that would also happen to my books and yarn.

I would love to hear your suggestions!

Many of us use plastic tubs with lids. You can make shelving like they have in stores with flat sides and bases so that books etc won’t be marked. Some of us who’ve stored yarn away for a long time in plastic tubs have had ‘smells’ which seem to be either the lanoline on the wool going a bit sour or plastic bags individual yarn lots are in just causing the wool to smell musty because of lack of air circulation. Of course tubs are great for ensuring bugs and beasts are kept at bay but you can do that in an open box type shelving system by having camphor sticks around etc.

If I had my perfect world I would have shelving with a closable door on the front but like the old fashioned meat safes here have airvents with mosquito wire on them. Then I’d use a tub for anything I was currently working on. I find tubs great for larger baby blankets etc. I usually line with a sheet and then place the item in, fold sheet over and good to go for next time.

Yeah, I use a few plastic containers for my yarn and supplies. They’re clear so it’s easier to find stuff in.

I keep my wool in one of those giant ziplocs to prevent moths, but the rest is in one of those plastic drawer things from Target.

This is a picture of how I store my stash. I have more plastic containers of yarn in storage:woot:

I use plastic tubs AND a 4 drawer dresser…and “project” bags and … I really really am working on using up my yarn…I really really am!!!:eyes:

I store mine in wire storage bins I bought at Target for about $12 for a 6 cube group. Some shelves have cloth boxes and some are just piled with yarn. I also have a string bag on hooks on the wall. It stretches and holds tons of yarn. It seems I can just keep putting yarn in there.


Thank you all for your replies. Wow, you have given me great suggestions!

P.S. Indygirl - thanks for posting that picture. That is quite a stash you have there! You have given me something to dream about!

A stash! Someone else may know where the thread is but someone in this forum (think it was this one) posted a link to the largest private stash I have ever seen. It was the same size as some knitting stores here! That lady used tubs but also shelving like you have in stores.

I use these metal framed shoe holder that I found at Costco. I can put about 6 skeins per cube, and I can see what I have at all times. Of course, I have to keep the door closed, or my cats would demolish it.

I bought a very sturdy wooden cube thing from IKEA…I love it!

Here’s the link to the BIG STASH!

Last year I bought an open bin sort of shelf (wooden) at Pier One. It has since been discontinued which is sad. That sits in my room and the yarn looks really pretty. The cat only needs occasional reprimanding.

The overflow currently resides in the drawer of a dresser in our guest room. This is the stash that my husband is not aware of yet. It is unlikely that he will ever open those drawers.

Then there is the closed basket in the basement. I do a lot of knitting in the evenings in the basement, since that is where our TV is. The basket contains some left over bits from finished projects and full skeins that I have swatched, but did not like the results for specific projects.

Last night I organized (sort of) my patterns and magazines. I have binders for 1. printed out patterns 2. Vogue knitting magazine 3. Knit.1 magazine 4 knitscene magazine. I will probably consolidate some of the magazines since I do not have very many of any of those. I put them all into those plastic page sleeves.


I have a bookshelf with baskets of yarn, but that’s full now so I have a big knitpicks box on the top of it, which is also full so I’m going to get a plastic bin next.

I have a very small house now.

I keep my stash in a chest that my Grandfather made for me that is lined with cedar. I find the smell of the wood does end up in the fibers but that it doesn’t last…

I have a few of my larger lots of yarn (bought for a sweater or such) in a large ziplock baggie in that chest.

My knitting needles are ‘artistically’ displayed in a crystle like vase on my bookshelf in the living room.

And my knitting pattern books are on the bookshelf. The small ones are in a pretty basket beside the books and the loose leaf ones are hole punched and filed by type on the book shelf.

My sewing stash is hung on hangers in the closet. I mention this because I have a friend who uses the empty linen bags from comforters and such (with the zipper) and has punched a hole for a hanger, places the zipper on the bottom and hangs the whole thing in an empty closet.

I like the closet because it is easy to flip through and see what you have and keep it tidy.

My storage looks like Indigirls, I get mine for about $7 each large drawer container at Walmart. One or two at a time.

BTW, Indigirl, Looooooooove the pup!!!

OMG that big stash picture was HUGE! My house is 114 years old, so closets are not one if its biggest assets! I buy the SpaceSaver bags that you put the stuff in and then suck the air out with your vacuum. You can buy different size bags and they are clear, so you can see what is in them. Once the air is sucked out, they are very thin and are safe from odors, moths, moisture, etc. I then store them under the beds in the house. If I want something they easily open with a zip lock and re-inflate. Take out or put in what you want, suck the air back out with the vacuum and shove back under the bed. :happydance:

That’s INSANE!!! But I wish it were MY mother-in-law’s stash :wink:

I agree - I think I would rather it belong to someone close to me (and generous) rather than be responsible for it myself!

Exactly! I would feel waaaaaaaay too guilty having ALL that yarn around, enough for many knitters’ lifetimes. But oh to be the sole beneficiary of that stash in her will…:teehee: