Where to start?

Hi everyone,
I am new to this site and just taught myself to knit. I have the knit and pearl stitch down. Any suggestions on what project to start with? I have crocheted for 15 years now and thought it was time to start knitting. I have feel in love with knitting.:heart:

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also what size needles should I use for it.


Welcome to KH, WoolyLamb!

Here’s my recommendation: Start with something that interests you and that will KEEP you interested. So the question comes back to you, what would you like to make?

Something large, like a blanket? Something small, like a dishcloth or washcloth? Something in between large and small, like a scarf? Something in the round like a hat or a cowl?

After you’ve decided what you want to make, look for “beginner” or “easy” patterns for that project and dive in. And if you get stuck, there are lots of very helpful, extremely friendly people here to unstick you!!!

Then when you’re done, come back here and show us a picture of your final project (please! because we love to see finished objects)!!

Here is an idea:
Buy a beginners knitting book. The one have is great! All the patterns are made with squares!

You could knit a bunch of squares, and they all are the same size. Then put the together (with a yarn needle)! Make a nice scarf with the squares, or a blanket, or even wristlets!