Where to sell baby items?

Hi. I stopped teaching this year to stay at home with my 6 month old daughter… it has been so amazing to stay home with her. However I do miss my paycheck. I have been knitting and crocheting ponchos and sweaters for her. My husband thinks I should try to sell them since I enjoy making them so much and she can only wear so many of them. What types of places should I try to contact to sell them?


Etsy is a popular site for selling handmade items, so that’s a place you may be interested in looking into.


I will check those out, but are there actual stores that will take handmade items? Should I call consignment shops or craft stores where people rent a booth?
Thanks for the ideas!

Those are good ideas too…I would want to know what kind of foot traffic they get though to see if it would be worth the investment of booth space. Whenever I am in those stores it doesn’t seem like there are a lot of people in them (but i have no idea what a lot is for those stores.)

What about craft shows? it is that time of year for them. Could you have enough product available for one? Or you could make up samples and let people customize their colors or something like that. Just depends on how quickly you could turn out product before christmas I suppose.

Another option is baby boutiques in your area. Just taking in a few items and letting them sell on consignment.

you do have to be careful though. A lot of patterns say that you can’t use them to make a profit, so while you can give them as gifts you aren’t really supposed to sell the finished product. It would seem unlikely that you would get “caught” but it is something to consider.