Where to Knit

I am new to knitting and having problems with stitches slipping off. How might I prevent that? Also, when knitting, should your stitches be at your tips of the needles or more on the needle? Thanks for the help. Margie::knitting:

You mean the sts slip off the tips where you’re knitting? Maybe they’re too loose. I move the individual sts to the tips as I knit them, but they can be back a little from the very ends. Have you looked at videos for the knit stitch here and on Youtube? Maybe looking at some will help you out a little.

When I’m knitting, I put my index finger (right hand) near the tip of the needle (right needle), “holding” the stitches, to prevent them from falling. I do the same with my left hand-left needle.

I have my stitches close to the end of the needle, so the knitting can be done quicker. If you put the stitches too far away, handling the needles will be more difficult.

When I began knitting, the stitches dropped from my needles (especially the left one) [U]all[/U] the time. Be patient and keep on practicing :slight_smile:

That’s how I do it.
I pack so many stitches towards both ends of the needles I would lose a lot of stitches if I didn’t hold them back.

I’m a long time knitter and find your videos great. I’m teaching a few friends to knit and this will be a helpful resource for them. Thanks for putting it together.