Where to join new colour when striping in the round

I’m about to knit a striped raglan sweater and I’m just wondering if you guys can help me figure out the best place to change colours. I’m going to do the jogless join-thing to try and even out the differences in rows, but still I’m not convinced on where to do this.

I think the obvious would be to change colours on one of the sides but this design has me making pattern stitches at the “side seams” (that aren’t there), along the raglan edges and under the sleeves. The pattern is simply to purl four stitches on every other row at the side seams.

Joining a new colour here wouldn’t make the “seam” look good and if I join next to one of the “seams” I’m worried it’ll look strange when I reach the raglan part.

So, I’m thinking I should chance colur at the center back. What do you think?

Center back might be a good place - the side seam would be better though, in my opinion. What if you put your colour join a few stitches before the side pattern starts, but still on the back piece?

I’m with KQ on this one. Near the side ‘seam’ would be best–less noticeable in case the jogless-jogs aren’t as jogless as you’d like :slight_smile:

I was going to suggest what KQ said as well. The last time I did stripe on a sweater I tried to change at the side under the arm, but with the design you have that obviously isn’t possible so near the side seam seems like it would be less noticeable.

The sweater sounds neat, can’t wait to see it!

Hmmm… Thanks for answering, ladies! :smiley:

You’re all suggesting joining more the side than at the back… I can see why but I worry about what that will look like at the raglan “seams”. The join will be as visible there as it will be at the centre back and I think the “asymmetry” with having a join on only one side will bother me. If the join is noticable, that is… If there’s one visible thing happening at the centre back, it might be taken for “on purpose”…

I’ll see what I’ll do. I’ve started to swatch and I think I have to go up two needle sizes to get correct gauge. I knit way too tight…