Where to go?

I live in Sydney and have an almost completed cardigan I started about eighteen years ago. Now I have unearthed it with a view to finishing but dont know where I am up to or how to pick up pattern or even the size I am doing. Does anyone know where I can find someone who would be able to help. Would Spotlight have some knitting experts who could assist? I am in western suburbs.

You might want to post a picture of what you have already completed. Someone might be able to identify the pattern.

It sounds like you have the pattern in hand, is this correct? What part of the sweater do you have done and what is the general construction of the sweater? Is it made in pieces that need to be sewn together, is it top down and other things like that regarding the way it is made? Is part of it still sitting on a needle? Counting the stitches you started with may tell you which size you were making. Counting the stitches where you are may help you determine which line of the pattern you were on.