Where to get the 'better' FT clog pattern?

I have skimmed the FT clog pages (but there are 37 pages!!) and am not sure where to order the easier to understand FT clog pattern. Can someone help please?

there’s more than one version of the pattern (aside from 1 for kids/1 for adults that is)?

I think there was a “revised” edition with a more current print date. I’ve only used the old version, and it was easy-peasy to understand I think!

My LYS has them in stock. I’m going over there now, I’ll get the order number for you.

wow! I’m curious. I wonder if my LYSs has those?

The pattern number for the FT Clog didn’t change. It is AC-33. I’m not certain how you can guarantee the new format, other than calling your chosen supplier and asking if they have it.

I have written the women’s med pattern out line by line and would be happy to share it with you. pm me with your email address if you want it. You have to have the “real” clog pattern to use it, it is just written line by line … and printed on white paper … it is so much easier to follow!