Where to get knitting needles online

I hope this is the right forum to ask. I’m going to start teaching knitting to children in my church’s children’s department in another week and I need to order size 10 needles (aluminum) for them. Most likely there will be 15-30 kids. Does anyone know of a good place online that will have good deals on needles? Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you! :smiley:

This doesn’t directly answer your question, but something to consider… and get other opinions on. I’ve thought about offering an after school knit club for my elementary students. Would chopsticks work as first needles since they are bamboo and not very slippery? They’d also probably be FREE since most Chinese places have them out for grabs. Of course, I’d ask first before taking that many.

[color=blue]Helenly, I don’t use my straights anymore… I would gladly send them to you… I am not sure just how many pair I have but will check when I get home tonight if you are interested. They are used but it would give the kids a start. Sounds like fun!

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You can get Boye , Susan Bates (Silvalume and Quicksilver) aluminum straights at

for REALLY cheap. they also have lots of non-metal kinds.

They have some very inexpensive right now at Tuesday Morning.

When my kids learned to knit in the first grade they made their own needles out of dowels. There is a video under Amy’s Basic Techniques that shows how to do it. You might consider trying that out instead of using the aluminum needles.


Don’t forget joanns.com! If you sign up for their newsletter, they periodically send out coupons; a 50% off entire order would work well for this!!

Try our Buy Sell Swap Forum too. I started a knitting club at my school this year and lots of KH members donated items.

Joann’s has Susan Bates Quicksilver 10" singles in size 10 for $2.99 and Boye 10" aluminum needles in size 10 for $2.59 on sale on their web site.

You can get longer needles if needed, but they go up in price a little.

Use coupon code JANFSA725 for free shipping on order over $25 (which yours should qualify for).

Go through ebates.com for a 6% rebate. If you aren’t already a member of ebates, I can send you an invite so you get $5 after you make your first purchase. I get $5 also, and would be happy to donate that back to you for this cause. The $5 in your account from ebates and the 6% wouldn’t be sent to you until the next quarterly checks… not sure when those are due out.

That means 15 needles would cost you less than $27 ($1.80 a set) before tax. 30 sets of needles would cost you about $2.10 a set (since the $10 ebates money would be off the top, the more you buy the less impact that has).

PM me if you want to do the ebates thing and don’t already have an account.

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