Where to get cheap contacts

I have just started wearing contacts, in fact I haven’t even bought a pair yet I am wearing the trial pair my doctor gave me. They priced them our for me and they are going to be $40. 00 a pair. The doctor says I get to much build up on mine and I can only wear them for 2 weeks before changing them this is going to get expensive. I was thinking of trying to buy them on the internet if I could get them cheaper. I live in Canada and am not sure if I can even get them shipped here. Where does everyone get their contacts from?

I refuse to buy my daughter’s refills at the eye doctor’s place. They mark them up way too much.

I go to SAM’s. I don’t know if you have that where you live. I pay $25/pk. She changes her’s every two weeks.

Hope this helps.

We don’t have a Sam’s, but we have a Costco. I wonder if that would be the same?

If you’re willing to by them online I recommend ClearlyContacts.ca. I buy my contact through them and it about half the price.


Costco is similar to Sam’s. Check them out. And I have the change every two weeks kind and actually wear them much longer and don’t have a problem with them.

I use 1-800-CONTACTS. They will even send replacements if any are defective. And you can find offers of free shipping…

I use Sam’s too- it’s much cheaper than 1-800-contacts, at least for the ones I wear. Definitely check out Costco.

I go to Sam’s Club to get mine. I have the kind that you wear for 30 days and throw out and replace. I checked around and Sam’s was the cheapest I could find. HTH!

I order from Visiondirect.com. A six pack for each eye, I use Monovision. About $41. Mine are the old Bausch & Lomb. The eye doctor said to call 2 weeks before my visit and they will order a sample of the newer cheaper ones. You could probably go there and check prices on what kind you wear. I was buying at Wal-Mart, but this is cheaper.

You don’t have to wear disposables.

Gas permeables, which you clean every day, last forever unless you step on them or need a prescription change. They’re usually about $40 a pair, unless you get them from the doctor, when they might cost closer to $100 (but that includes fittings and a check to see if they fit right – worth it to me). They also give you crisper vision than soft disposable lenses, and are better for people with severe astigmatism. I wore them for twenty years and only needed replacements when I lost one.

The downside is that it takes a while to get used to them (a week, in my case, and then I wore them comfortably all day.

I checked at Costco today and they don’t carry the kind I was fitted for by my doctor, but they did say they would do a refitting for a brand they carry at no charge.