Where to get Addi turbo -cheap fast and maybe in Canada?

but the US will do for a killer price!
I’m looking for size US 8 16" addis
Can anybody help?

Try amazon.com. They’ll ship within the US and Canada, and they have great prices, though sometimes the shipping kills you. :happydance:

Try this site for needles. She’s in Oakville Ont. Her prices are great and she ships anywhere. headwaterwool.com Happy shopping

I checked this site and if you are in Canada the prices are great! I tried for me though and the shipping was nearly as much as the needles. :passedout:

The Knit Happens site which is having a huge sale on yarn also has their needles on sale. Not sure how much that would be, but the shipping to Canada is $5.95 if your order is under $15.00