Where to get 1/2 size needles?

Where could one get 1/2 size needles? I didn’t know that there were more outside of my kit …Anyone know where I can find some? DPNs, circulars, straight whatever.

The only 1/2 size Im aware of is 10 1/2…Ive never seen any others. :??

I just read that “most americans don’t know that there are half sizes”…I sure can’t find any half size needles anywhere :frowning: They say that the half sizes can also help to decrease size gradually in your knitting without changing the number of stitches or a big change…like for stockings.

Oh yeah, and I have have half sizes in my set of BOYE interchangeables…but I want to have variety in the kinds of needles…not just all metal.

hmm, :thinking: I guess no one can help me out on this one, eh?

I’ve never heard of them either!

I have the boye interchangeable set and the only half size in there is the 10.5 :thinking: .

Perhaps when you read that ‘most americans don’t know that there are half sizes’ it was referring to metric sizes, like 3.5mm for example.

The only thing I can pipe in is that there are UK needle sizes that aren’t comparable to US needle sizes, and if you can find those, those KINDA are 1/2 sizes, but other than that, I’m not much help either.



eh :oops: I didnt actually check my Boye set before I made the comment, but I did remember my 10.5s… :lol:

They may have been talking about the metric sizes, because I saw that later on when I was looking at charts to show the difference. I dont know why they would say such a thing tho, but maybe that person just overlooked things too.

I just remember that I saw this on something talking about long stockings and that you can use half sizes to decrease down the lef so that it doesn’t show so much that you are going down in size. or something like that. It made me very curious.

I still am…But No luck…so maybe they just didnt know that America was dumb and made their own system…(I think it’d be better having grown up learning metric)

Some folks just like to point out the things that are LACKING in America… You know, like “WEEEEEE are better! WEEEEEE have half-sized needles that Americans dont even KNOW about!!” :roflhard:

haha yeah…that could be it :cheering: :wink:

That’s it–the knitting snob who claims to really see a difference in the drape of fabric knit with a 1 1/2 needle rather than that common number 1.