Where to find?

I’m looking for some fuzzy/soft yarn in pastel colors that I can use to make socks. I’m not sure where I can find any, so if anyone knows, let me know! Thanks :lol:

Depending on how fuzzy you want, you could choose any of the “fun fur” type yarns knit with a strand of another yarn. Your second strand could be anywhere from sock yarn to worsted depending on how thick you want your sox. Are they to wear with shoes or as slippers or as “nite nite” sox for cold feet :slight_smile:

Lorna’s Laces!!! MMMMMMmmmmmm!!!

SOme of the Modea line is soft yet thin enough for socks.

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I thought about fun fur, but I saw this book at the store the other day, and I was looking for something sort of like what the blanket on the cover is made out of. :slight_smile:


That yarn looks like on of those plush baby yarns made out of nylon - very soft!

These are a little furrier: http://www.straw.com/cpy/patterns/cotton_chen_whisper_slipprs.html

They make this yarn: http://www.straw.com/cpy/yarns/kiddo_balls.html

I know there are other yarns like this out there and some are less furry, but I don’t know the names of them, sorry. Some might be a blend of nylon with polyester or acrylic.