Where to find Yarn from Scotland?

Ok. I want to knit a hat/scarf for my brother (for christmas). I should have no problem finding a good pattern that will be ‘manly’ enough … he is a big kinda-burly manly-man, but he probably be okay with a nice cabled pattern as long as the yarn is not pink. :aww:

Anyway, he studied in Scotland when he was in college, loves everything Scottish (our surname is Scottish and we even have our own plaid design) and I think he would really enjoy getting something made out of yarn from Scotland.

Anyway, now that I am done rambling … Does anyone know of a vendor or shop that sells Scottish yarn here in the states? I can find “Scottish Tweed” type yarns, but I am not sure if that is just the type of coloring in the yarn or really from Scotland.

Any info is appreciated.

I’m sorry I can’t help you. But the only thing I know about Scottland is it produced actor:heart: Gerard Butler.

Alice Starmore has a site called virtual yarns where she sells her yarn and patterns/books. She is from the Isle of Lewis.


Had a quick look - but I can’t find any Scottish wool retailers in the States - however, there are quite a few Scottish wool sites that export, especially Jamieson & Smith.

Below is a link to Scottish wool retailers


The shops in the US seem to specialise in ready-to-wear items, such as sweaters, kilts and caps (although I didn’t spot any sporrans!).

All the Best

Jamieson & Smith is readily available in the US.

I’m in Scotland and I hand-dye silks and cottons, but not wool, unfortunately, cause I’m allergic to it.