Where to Find Merino Wool Yarn?

Hi, I’m new to knitting, and I would like to work with merino wool yarn. However, the only kind I can find comes from Europe - way too expensive to ship! Can anyone direct me to some website where I can find merino wool yarn within the US?

I spin so I dont buy finished yarn. But when I used to I found some nice merino at JoAnns. It was in plain colors only, but they were pretty, imo. As for mail order, the Woolery (Oregon) would certainly have some. Finally I suggest Maine Line Merino. In fact it is my personal favorite.


I’ve had no trouble finding merino in the US. Here are a few links. I hope they help. :wink:
Lion Brand
Knit Picks

Try sources like Jimmy Beans in Nevada and Webs in Massachusetts. Both have wide selections of yarn and merino.