Where to find cotton/viscose yarn?

What’s the best place on line to find yarn at a good price?
I need worsted weight cotton/viscose yarn to make a special hat.

from yarn.com=
debbie bliss cathay, Content: 50% Cotton/35% Viscose/15% Silk,Price: $7.50/ball/100 Yards

Filatura Di Crosa Pic Nic ,Content: 65% cotton/25% Viscose/10% Polyamide,Price: $9.95/ball/104yd

Filatura Di Crosa Portofino, Content: 70% cotton/30% viscose,Price: $4.99/ball/87 Yards

Louisa Harding Mariposa Content: 52% Viscose/48% Cotton,Price: $5.95/69 yrds

thank you so much. That was FAST!
What an adorable baby you have! Enjoy her.

you welcome! thanks, she is fun! she will be 1 april14th :happydance:
it was fun looking up your yarn… its like shopping w/o the bill :biting: i hope it was helpful! lets us know what you pick and make :heart:

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Will do…but its sort of pricy yarn. I have a pattern for a crown/hat that needs six or more different colors (stripes) and that could make this a $60 hat…a bit out of my league.

Any ideas for less expensive yarn that is the same weight? Nice but not THAT nice?

I offered to make this gift hat for a friend’s daughter’s bat mitzvah. Should be special…but…well…ahem…not that special! :teehee:

oh! lol i know what you mean! have you checked out wal-mart or joanns? i know they have small balls of cotton yarn, sugarNcream, peachesNcream, lion cotton, tlc…
they run around $2.50/$3.00 a ball…

Elann has a few colors left of their cotton rayon yarn, similar properties. It’s just $2.48/ball

Pricier but really really pretty is the Garnstudio Cotton Viscose yarn:http://www.knitty-noddy.com/component/page,shop.yarn_flypage/product_id,1471/category_id,/option,com_phpshop/

Thanks to both of you. You are being very helpful.
I did stop by our local "pricy, very nice yarn shop here in town.
I found out that viscose simply means rayon in French!
And they have Cotton Twist by Berroco yarn for $5 a skein and it’s the worsted weight I need for my hat.
This will still be a VERY NICE crown/hat but not as expenisive as I thought originally. (about half as much $30 instead of $60) Way more than I’d normally spend on a hat. Maybe I can make fewer stripes or use the varigated colors and buy less yarn.

I went on line to find this yarn but only find the company that gives stores in my area that sell their yarn. Are there sites on line where one can buy this same yarn that might be less expensive than in the shop? Just wondering. I’ll keep searching.

Again thanks for your helpful advice. The Viscose mixed into the cotton gives it a sheen that is nice.

What’s the name of the yarn? And yarndex.com has a search feature where you can find yarns of similar weight, though they may not all have the same composition.


The name of the yarn is Cotton Twist by Berroco. It’s a blend of cotton and Vicose/or rayon. I’ll check this new (to me) site. Thanks AGAIN!

ptyarns has the berroco cotton twist for just $4.19 a ball, though i dont see a color chart, so you’d have to look you choices up first, then order the colors…

oh wow, that is the best price yet. I could go to the yarn store and jot down the colors I want and then order them on line. That might just be cheap enough so the shipping and handling wouldn’t make up the difference. Wow. Thanks. It’s $5 a skein in the store. I’m still waiting for my friend to tell me the colors she wants for her daughter’s hat.

Read some reviews of this yarn by other knitters and some people had difficulty with it splitting. Hope I can do this. The yarn is really pretty.

I do appreciate your giving this so much of your precious time and attention.

really, its no problem. i love looking up yarns… so many pretty yarns… :heart: