Where to find clear boots or clogs?

Does anyone know where I can find the clear boots or clogs to wear with the socks I’m learning to knit? I know “Mary Maxim” used to have them, but no longer carries women’s sizes.
Jenlamb :XX:

:thinking: hmmmmm…
Didn’t I just see these in a catalog? And I think it was in Knit picks.
The advertisement was for sock yarn so i’m not sure if the clogs were for sale too. But you might wanna check there.

Here’s a link: http://www.marymaxim.com/Default.asp but it looks like it’s just child’s sizes. Not sure if you were looking for adults or children.

I Googled up this:
is that kinda what you’re looking for?

LOL… :rofling: I’m so out of it… I type in “clear clogs” and do an image search. it brings up stuff like a drain, a toilet, Liquid Plumr… I’m like, huh?? then I realize oh duh, clear clogs… drains, duh… :doh:

Duh :doh: sorry, re’read your message and you already knew about mary maxim.

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Oooh, I like those ones Jodi’s found. :inlove: What a fun way to show off your handmade socks!

well i haven’t even come close to getting the hankerin’ to make socks yet cuz i am skeered :wink: but this is a very cool look!..lol


though i still think it is creepy that it looks like there are feet in there that aren’t attached to a body! but those socks with those boots could just do it for me

too bad those shoes would never fit my big ol’ feet in the width area…sigh

I did a google search for clear shoes and got lots of pages for those high heel shoes with clear heels that street walkers wear :shock:

Just for the record…I walk on streets almost EVERY day, and I have NEVER worn shoes like those! :shock:


Thanks for everyone’s finds! I can’t wait to get a pair-too cute!!
I’m not sure about the “street-walker” kinds. I’d probably clear the streets with a pair on like those! :thinking: