Where to find camouflage wool yarn?

I want to knit my DH a camo wool hat but cant find camo in a nice wool yarn. Any suggestions?


Lorna’s Laces has a colorway called “camouflage” It’s on the second page of colors available…I can’t really tell how accurately camouflage colored it is right now, I’ve got a glare on my computer screen. Looks like it comes in all the types of yarn they have, like the superwash, socks, etc.

Bernat also has a camouflage color line, but that’s just acrylic.


I found some on e-bay a while ago.

You said some nice wool yarn. I am not sure if it classifies as what you consider nice, but I saw some I believe it was Caron brand in Michael’s yesterday.

I used the Bernat and while it was camo colors it didn’t really look like camouflage. It’s acrylic anyway. I’ll have to check the Lorna’s Laces.

Paton’s Classic wool has a color called “Forest”. on line it doesn’t look like it, but in person it look camo colored.