Where to find a pattern

I am looking for a pattern that has animals and duch on the bums of diaper covers/soakers…Does anyone know where I can find such or do people make their own patterns? Thanks so much!

Like these?

yes, that is it…and this will be a dumb question I know, but I am very new at this and have no clue how to read a pattern like that…how do you do the charts i have only done “word” patterns. thanks so much for your reply!

When you read a chart, each square represents one stitch. The front, or right side of the pattern is read left to right and the back is read right to left. Intarsia patterns are best worked back and forth rather than in the round.

You have to be careful when you switch colors or you will get holes. Amy has video of intarsia knitting in the Advanced Techniques secion. For some reason I can’t create a link tonight.

This is an informative site on intarsia, also.

so do you just add the pictures to a pattern? Say I have a diaper cover pattern I like that is plain, can I just add the pics to it? and if so how do I do that? thanks so much for your help! I greatly appreciate it!

In the Tinybirds soaker pattern she explains where you add the picture (read through the instructions)…


ok, i think that makes sense…and if the actual pattern calls for knit or purl - do you just do those stitches for the picture as well?

thanks so uch for the help!

Yes, knit on the front and purl on the back.