Where to find a 16" circular needle

I have looked all over and cannot find one :frowning:

Click on the Knitpicks ad at the top of the page and you should find several…

Joann’s carrys Clover in 16", though they may not have every size in stock at any given time.

They are sometimes hard to find in the craft stores. Your LYS (local yarn store) may have some, but a lot of people buy them online.

I bought from Knitpicks.

Hiya Hiya carries 16". Check your local yarn stores or several eBay sellers carry them. They are real nice needles.

I just got a set from Knitpicks but I also have and Addi’s bamboo set that I got first at a LYS

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: I will order some then. The closest LYS is an hour and a half.

If you have a set of interchangeables, KnitPicks doesn’t carry one but their cables are interchangeable with Knitter’s Pride. Yarn.com carries Knitter’s Pride so if you have either of these interchangeable sets, you can order one.