Where to divide stitches

I am using magic loop to knot a sock. I have my beginning of round marked and am ready to begin my gusset decreases. Where do I need to divide my stitches to determine the end and befinning of cable 1 and 2

Are you following a pattern?

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this is my pattern to begin and this is a pic of my stitches. I need to figure out where the last 3 stitches of cable 1 are in order to knit the k2 tog k 1

Are these socks knit cuff down or toe up? Have you made the heel already and picked up sts for a gusset?
If you can give us the name of the pattern, the source, the book title, designer, any information to help us figure out where you are in the pattern will help. As Jan mentioned, don’t print or scan the whole pattern as that would lead to copyright problems. A link or URL would be fine however.

You’re looking for the heel flap where you probably m1 in the corner. Decreases go on the heel flap side.

I think your magic loop would already be set up from doing the back and forth on the heel flap unless you changed it when you did the pick ups.

The pattern is called Rag Hiking Socks through craftsy. I have already picked up my stitches and have completed my set up rows. Im now ready to start my gusset decreases. I do have my beg round marked. I just need to figure out where to divide stitches to for the end of cable 1 and beginning of cable 2. I am doing magic loop. The following is a pic of my stitches and you can see my beg of rnd marker but it isnt devided between cables. The written instructions are what Im substituting which is for the gusset decreases. I cant begin these decreases until I know where the end of cable 1 is brcause the cable 1 ends with a k2tog k 1

Did you turn the heel after the flap before picking up stitches? I’m seeing red all the way around instead of just at the heel.

Ues I have done every step prior to gusset decrease. the dec is where I need to start but must know where the end of cable 1 stitches are

I answered above but I don’t think the parts are there and that’s why you can’t figure out where to decrease. Your red heel stitches don’t turn the heel from what I can see.

Show me the turned heel. You should be able to fold the sock flat and get a picture from the outside to identify the parts so I can explain where to go. You are a few rows before this point so you should be able to get a picture that’s similar.

I think I figured out where your heel turn is.
It’s hard to tell from the wrong side view but I think the X is where your other decrease marker (or loop) goes. That looks like where the heel flap started with the heel stitch.

I think you switched to red after the heel turn (or didn’t switch back) and that’s why the red in the yellow circle is where it is instead of all at the arrow. You will be making a red foot instead of a red heel (I can’t tell if your heel is red in the wrong side picture and the grey tails in the way but you do have red going all around the foot). It looks like you are changing the pattern so take note of what you’re doing to make a matching sock.

Is the blue circle the 1x1 ribbing on the inside? Just trying to understand what I’m seeing with the wrong side view, right side views are much easier for me to read. The pattern picture looks like that continues on top of the foot so that’s something else to take note of.

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Thank u for all your help!!! it was driving me crazy!!! My lys instructor told me that the instep stitches are on one needle and the heel and gusset pick ups are on the other…I havent been knitting long but Im learning for sure!!!