Where to buy?

i need some good quality merino wool (worsted weight)

where is the place that sells decently priced merino yarn? i dont want to pay an arm and a leg, but i still want quality. i went to a store here in houston, and paid 12 for less than 2 oz! :shock:
i know i could get better prices online, but just dont knwo where to buy from!


knitpicks.com has some but there has been some discussion as to whether it is worsted or dk or what but the price is excellent!

http://www.knitting-warehouse.com/ (check out the Patons Classic Wool)

That should keep ya busy!

I believe knitpicks’ merino style is dk, it knits up in dk gauge for me…but it’s yummilicious yarn :wink: . Angelika @ www.yarn-store.com is very reliable & dependable, I’m not sure what yarn she has in stock now, but I highly recommend her!