Where to Buy Them??

I want to buy some US size 35 and 50 circular knitting needles online. Anyone have any recommendations for good companies?? I used to order from Patternworks but they went out of business I think. I’d rather give my business to a knitting/yarn store rather than Amazon.

Any ideas?? I can do the searching myself. I just need the names of good, reputable companies!!

I nearly always get my online stuff from Wool Warehouse - they have fast delivery and I think they’re doing international delivery again now (they stopped during the worst of the pandemic). They should have what you need!
Edit - these needles come in large diameters, there might be others too but I didn’t look through all of them. They all have a size list you can scroll through: https://www.woolwarehouse.co.uk/needles-and-hooks/knitpro-fixed-circular-knitting-needles-jumbo-birch-100cm

Jimmy Beans has large needles.

and so does Knit Picks (cables sold separately)

I would try out Tjockt. They make super large knitting needles and are very high quality.

It’s a small business, so it’s great to give her some support.

WOW!!! Those needles are HUGE!! I’ve never seen any that big before! Thanks for your help!!


They are super fun to work with. Kind of cumbersome at first, but you learn the tricks to them. And hey, you can’t beat the speed!