Where to buy the clogs pattern?

I was perusing the Fiber Trends Clogs thread this morning and decided that it would be the perfect gift for my best friend. She’s from CA and is always cold in the snowy winters here. But I can’t find a place online that has the pattern - the 2 places I did find it were out of stock.

Where can I find it so I can order it & the yarn asap? TIA!!

I highly recommend my friend, Angelika’s store. You can find the pattern on this page, scroll down a bit. Her store is the simply Angelika’s Yarn Store. She has great stuff and wonderful customer service.

TY so much!! I love her site - so many pretty things. :slight_smile: Can’t wait 'till payday so I can order it. :slight_smile:

You are certainly welcome :cheering:

I was just looking for the clog pattern too, and bought it from http://www.lambikins.com/ - the shipping for the pattern is $1, and was shipped today, after I ordered it last night. So that’s another choice if all you want is the pattern.

Great selection of Lorna’s Laces and Cascade at Angelika’s! I wish I could afford to buy more yarn!!

I have ordered from her and her service is great. I ordered some patterns and she noticed that I didn’t live that far from her. We worked out a time and place so I could pick up my order.

I live about 40 minutes away from her home/store. I haven’t gotten a chance to visit her store. I hope to visit it sometime soon though! Of course my father is willing to pick up my orders, that’s because there is plenty of fishing in that area! :teehee:

OOOH I found her randomly on the net one day when looking for cascade for the noni bag. You know she was one of THE fastest ever delivery people from the USA (apart from Kemp). I also highly recommend her - her package was well put together and she charged actual shipping.

I just want to say thank you to Becka for recommending Angelika’s Yarn Store, and I have to give major props to Angelika. I read this thread on Wednesday morning. I placed an order midday Wednesday. And by noon today, I had received my package - both felted clogs patterns, a skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in Tuscany, plus a free sock pattern, and several color pages of all the Lorna’s Laces colors (plus a sample strand of most of the Lorna’s Laces lines). Oh my, what a treat!

You are certainly welcome!
Don’t you JUST love good customer service?! Angelika is a sweetheart, too :cheering: