Where to Buy Peaches and Cream Brand Yarn?


I would like to use the Peaches and Cream brand yarn to make some dish cloths (as shown in the Mason Dixon knitting book) and I am wondering if anyone has suggestions about where I can purchase this yarn online? I haven’t been able to locate any at the yarn shops in my area. I’m not too fond of Lily’s Sugar and Cream - it seems like a “rough” cotton.

Thank you.


I thought Sugar n Cream and Peaches n Cream were essentially the same thing… :thinking:

anyway…I have heard tell that they have it at Wal-mart… I can’t verify however.

Walmart does carry it - at least the 2 by me do. :slight_smile:

I’m think Peaches and Creme and Sugar and Cream are basically the same yarn, just different manufacturers. Although I’m sure there are people who would beg to differ. Anyway, you can now buy Peaches and Creme online from Elmore-Pisgah. http://www.elmore-pisgah.com/On%20Line%20Store.htm

It’s actually a great yarn for dishcloths and rugs. The Mason-Dixon Ballband pattern actually comes from the Peaches and Creme label.

If you want something softer, like for a facecloth, you may want to try Knitpicks Shine.

I’ve gotten all mine at Walmart. Normally it is not on the same row with the yarn it is one or two rows over. Hope that helps. I was so frustrated looking for it I couldn’t find it on the yarn row and it never occured to me to look a couple of rows over. I accidently found it while cutting through the craft dept one day, lucky for me it was a day they had it on sale!

I’ve seen it at Walmart as well (Kansas City area). Like HollyP said, it’s not with the regular yarn at my stores either – it’s with the crochet thread.