Where to buy ONLINE

Does anyone know where online, other than Amazon, that i can buy kool aid on. It SOOOO cold and Snowy outside i don’t want to make the trip with 2 kids to just buy koolaid. Amazon either doesn’t have all the colors/flavors i am looking for OR i’m not sure what color that flavor will turn out to be when i add water to it. I’m looking for (lemon lime/green, berry blue/blue, strawberry/red, and grape/purple) THANKS.

How many packets of each do you need? I can get most of them at my local grocery store, all but blue. I have the blue in my own stash (I ordered from Amazon plus my cousin sent me some from California, I guess Oregon doesn’t like blue Kool-Aid).
Just let me know.

I got my kool aid on ebay. :teehee:

Wow…bummer…here in Southern California it was a beautiful, sunny 86 degrees yesterday. I got my summer clothes and sandals on. Drinking Kool-Aid on the back porch. AHHHHHH…
(Rubbing salt in the wounds! I lived in Wisconsin for 5 1/2 years. Experienced deathly cold and don’t want to experience it again!!)

tell me about wisconsin… i am from there and thank god we are on the run most of the time …right now i am in Zurich…here is much better :teehee:

Hometown Favorites has Wyler’s: