Where to Buy DPNs


I’ve decided to try my hand at socks, however I’ve run into a couple of problems.

  1. My LYS (i.e. Walmart, Hobby Lobby, etc.) does not have DPNs!! Aaarrrggghhh! So, I’ve perused this site for opinions about needles. I believe I’ve decided to go with Options, but I’m a bit confused. From what I’m seeing, do they have dpns that you can order with the set, or are they only circular needles. Please forgive this fairly newbie with stupid questions.

What kind of dpns should I get? I am a tight knitter who enjoys knitting with metal-type of needles much better than wood or plastic.

  1. Finding yarn is a huge problem. I picked up a couple of thin book-like things with easy sock patterns. One has three yarn weights for each pattern. I would love to make something of the super fine to fine weight, but I have no idea which yarn to get. I dragged my poor dd all over three stores in search, but either because of my dumbness :wink: or whatever, I could not figure this out. As you probably know, the yarn options at these stores is not expansive. We’re talking Lion (limited variety), Caron, Red Heart, and Paton. Should I give up and just buy some yarn online??? I’m not sure if I really want to while I’m on my first sock project.

Oh, to live closer to a decent LYS!!! :wall:

Thanks for your help!


You will love knitting socks once you get everything you need - they are addictive!! :thumbsup:

As for your questions…

The Options DPNs from KnitPicks are wonderful! They do not come in a complete “set” you just buy them individually (in a set of 5). The circular Options are available in sets. At this time the DPNs are only available in the smaller sizes, but those are perfect for socks. They are also very reasonably priced. Susan Bates is another “designer” who has metal DPNs. Her items can be found at JoAnn Fabrics. You should be able to order those on-line, no problem.

I am also a very tight knitter and I used bamboo DPNs for a while until the Options ones came out and I very much prefer the metal ones. The tight stitches come off the needles so easy and I used to put scratches in the tips of my bamboo needles.

As for your question about where to get sock yarn…if you are going to order the Options needles I would suggest ordering sock yarn from KnitPicks also. They have a awesome selection of sock yarn. For super fine socks you’ll want “fingering weight” yarn but you can also use DK (double knitting) or worsted weight. I know that Lion Brand has a “magic stripes” yarn that might be an option. However, in my experience the larger market name brands (found in HL, JoAnn’s & WalMart) generally do not carry the finer stranded sock yarns. KnitPicks might be your best choice!

You may also want to look at Silver’s Sock Tutorial (http://www.cometosilver.com/socks/SockClass_Beginning.htm) this is a fabulous, step by step tutorial on knitting socks and offers the choice of using 3 different weights of yarns.

I’ve rambled on and on, but I hope this helps!!! Good luck!

Bless you, Sara!!! :muah:

I didn’t even think to check KP’s site for yarn. DUH! I was so focused on the needles.

I also took a peek at the link. Very nice photos! Think I’ll print it out!

Thank you for the fast response.

Happy Knitting!


I am shocked about your Hobby Lobby not having any DPNs! My Michael’s doesn’t either but I fully load up at HL whenever they do their 50% off tools sale! hmm…maybe that’s why you don’t have any…cuz they keep supplying me! :teehee:

Yes, I was surprised as well. Maybe everyone purchased them to make Christmas gifts??? :shrug:

Anyhow, stop hogging all of the supplies. Even though it’s warm in FL, we still like to knit!! :sun:


:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Hopefully you’ll be able to find everything you need! Good luck!!!

I know you said you wanted to use a finer weight yarn but to try them for the first time you could try worsted weight. The places you listed should carry Lion Brand Wool-ease. You could use that yarn and size 3 DPN’s to creat a nice warm slipper sock.

I wanted to second the Silver’s sock class that Sarah Jayne posted. It’s a wonderful wonderful class.

I love when my hobby lobby has the 50% off sale on knitting/crochet tools. Last time I did that I spent $150.00. That would have been $300.00 normal cost. If it was a knitting item…i bought it :teehee:
My hobby lobby has dpn of all sizes in metal, however, I prefer the Balene II needles and they only have those dpn’s in 3 sizes. 3, 3.5 and 4. I would love to have them in 1 and 2.

Hobby Lobby doesn’t seem to carry it any more, but if you have a Hancock Fabrics or a Joann’s near you, they may have Magic Stripes, Lion Brand’s self-striping sock yarn. If you can find any of the discontinued WoolEase Sportweight, that makes good semi-thick-but-not-quite-slipper socks as well.

I have used Caron’s Simply Soft to make thick slipper-type socks, and I’ve used Hobby Lobby baby yarn for socks also, specifically Baby Bee Sweet Delight. My thought process is, use something easily accessible and inexpensive while you’re learning and branch out as you progress.

Hobby Lobby may re-stock DPNs after the holidays. Mine always carries a full assortment of them.

Socks are fun! :heart: :heart: :heart:

I did look at the “baby” weight yarn, but my daughter (teenager) gave me SUCH a hard time about buying yarn that you use for baby things (told her that’s just the way they label it), that I caved.

I placed my order last night at KP for the Sensational Knitted Socks book, Two Step Dancing yarn, the set of Options, and a couple of different sizes of dpns.

My Christmas money is gone, but I can’t wait to get my stuff! I’ll spend the time waiting to finish my sweater bag, which was done in Wool-Ease, which I’m a bit tired of.

Thanks for all of the great advice, Ladies! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!!! :hug:


The Sensational Knitted Socks book is a fantastic investment - everyone raves about that on here!

Can’t wait to see everything you ordered! :cheering:

I was in my HL today and specifically looked - they had plenty in all sizes from 0 to 8. Maybe Nathalie’s ran out and haven’t restocked yet.


you know what I did? I bought 2 pairs of circular needles and detatched the plastic cable holding the two needles together…and use them as dpns

I’m glad I read this thread… I tried socks a while ago but gave up quickly. Now I’m inspired to give it another whirl! I’ll have to check out this “Knit Picks”! I’m on an overseas mil. base and there is nothing at our shopping center!


How smart! My, aren’t you the clever one?!

Sue, I’ve gotta tell you that I have a sneaking suspicion that my HL just doesn’t carry that much stuff. I’m not exactly in a huge metropolitan area. My city doesn’t even have a dedicated knitting/yarn store!

That’s okay. That’s what online shopping is for! Oh, and when I travel with my children to soccer tournaments, I always try to scout out yarn stores.

Oh, you guys are bad, bad, bad! :wink: I hadn’t been to KnitPicks before, so I just had to check it out… and now, 73 dollars later, I’ll be impatiently waiting for my circular set and new yarns to arrive…

Yeah, Becca!

My order was shipped out yesterday. I can’t wait to get started (although with my college classes starting back up in a few days I won’t have much time to knit). Think the profs will give me extra credit for a good attempt at socks???

Oh, and how come KP doesn’t give us some kind of commission for references??? :teehee:

well they do give Amy a kick back if you order after clicking on the banner ad from this site instead of typing directly into the address bar! :thumbsup: