Where To Buy Discount Yarn?

Are there any web sites or stores that sell yarn at discount rates? Sometimes I don’t really care about dye lot, etc and it would be nice to know where to go for that.


Discount Yarn Sales is a great place to get yarn for cheap.

Knit Picks is a favorite of mine and of many on this fourm.

Elann also has some fabulous cheap yarn!

Thanks!!! And cuuuuuute pups, BTW. What are they?

I also like LittleKnits.com alot. They ALWAYS have something on sale~ and they have good quality yarns too~! :cheering:

:teehee: Thanks! They are both Jack Russell Terriers - one is 2 one is 1.5 - we have a lot of fun around here! :teehee:

Have you tried recycling yarn from secondhand sweaters? I’ve found loads of lovely yarn for just a dollar or two that way. Sometimes thrift stores have yarn, too.

My mom likes Smiley’s (www.smileys.com). The only downside is that you have to order $40 at a time, and with their prices that can be difficult!

Thanks! I thought of recycling from sweaters in thrift stores, but I thought after washed a few times doesn’t it become like felting and won’t come apart? Or do you mean look for the brand new sweaters only?

Cuuuuuuuute pups Sara! They’re fun dogs!

Thanks, I’ll check out Smiley’s too.


That’s actually http://www.smileysyarns.com/

And I’d just like to say…I’m so angry with all YOU for starting this thread :grrr: (that’s coming from the yarn junkie in me!)

Sorry about that Webigail :teehee:

That smiley’s is CHEAP!!! I looked up the Lion Brand Chenille that I want and it’s only $1.99/skein!!! That is on clearance this week at Hobby Lobby for $4.19/skein!!!



It’s a good thing I don’t live in NYC anymore. I would probably be BROKE after leaving Smiley’s :rofl:

Now you don’t HAVE to live there to be broke, you can buy online!