Where to buy a berroco FURZ yarn or what would be the closest substitute to it

Does anybody know what would be a good substitute for Berroco Furz yarn? I would like to knit a poncho for winter, but the pattern calls for berroco yarn what is discontinued :frowning: (I thought people who come here might know about it). Thanks everybody!

note: I am sorry if I am asking it from a wrong place, but this was the only place what let me post.

Hi! I saw your post about needing Berroco Furz. I just happen to be selling some – 6 balls – you can see pictures here at my flickr account (Tanager’sPhotos) or on Ravelry (Tanager).

If there isn’t enough Furz for what you need, I am also going to be selling another yarn, Trendsetter Zucca, that can substitute for Berroco Furz. I haven’t photographed or put up the description for the Zucca yet, but it is in the paprika colorway - a reddish brown…and I have 13 balls. Let me know if this is of interest.

Don’t know if either of these will help – and even if this doesn’t – I wish you all the best in your search and for your knitting!

“Tanager” Sara