Where the #*(%&# is the new Knitty?!

i am not a patient woman :!!!:

Is it that time already? :??

Hah! Maybe Ingrid will wear a disguise again and go find out when it’s coming!

Why don’t you just askk the people who really know?

Here’s a quote from the knitty.com FAQs:

Q. How often is Knitty published?
A. We publish four times a year. September, December, April, July – as close to the beginning of the month as possible. To stay in touch and always get an e-mail notice the moment the new issue is ready, join the Knittyreader list using the box above.

I think it was more of a rhetorical type of question…don’t think she was really expecting us to know the answer so much as commiserate with her. i could be wrong though.

Some of us start checking at 12:01 am on the 1st of the month. :teehee:


Don’t know what you’re talking about…


INteresting FAQ. I always thought that they changed them with the actual changing of the season, so never worried until around the 21st-22nd of each month. Maybe that’s why I never felt I was missing something when the rest of you were frantically refreshing knitty’s front page :smiley:

:rofl: I was just thinking the same thing. Can’t complain much because, after all, it’s free. But school and my part time job definitely need to start up again because I am really obsessing with checking Knitty, twice every day for about a week!

I agree. I have been looking for the new one on a daily basis. I can’t wait to see what they have come up with!

Crap~ I need to get my 12 other projects done before it comes out, because I know I will want to knit at least three different things…

This is how I keep up with knitty. She’s just said that it should be out by Monday, but that her coder has come down with a nasty cold which slows her down.

Ahhh, good, I was just wondering this tonight. You read my mind!

I sure hope that cold clears up fast!!!
I also hope that the pattern for the felted shoes in BGK is in the issue!!! I was gonna ‘wing it’ and try the shoes anyway, but I forgot! Maybe this issue!!

I’m not either!!! I want new patterns!!! Now!!!

Here, knitty-knitty! :pout:

I want it too. I’m keen to see what is in store for autumn knitting.


:grrr: I AM NOT PATIENT :grrr:

It’s up!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Viveka is very pretty!! Ivy isn’t so bad, but that type of shirt is never flattering on me. Serrano…gorgeous!! I like the herringbone sock too! Twiggy tweed is just too cute!!

On the other hand…
Intolerable cruelty? Why draw attention to you hiney like that?! Ick!

All in all, I think this Knitty is much better than some of the recent ones! I see a lot of patterns I need to put on my ‘must knit’ list!!

Much, MUCH, MUCH better patterns than last time! :cheering: