Where should I start?

I’ve been toying around with the idea of taking up knitting as a hobby. I’ve never been exposed to knitters-- save for a friend of mine who makes things that [I]look[/I] like they’re knitted, but she does this weird thing that definitely doesn’t include needles.


I’ve decided to go to Michael’s tomorrow and get started. Problem is, I really don’t even know where to start. Can anyone recommend any specific books I should get or needle sizes/yarn?

Also, I would like to make something from here. How long would it be before I start making things like that?

Thanks for your time.

Welcome. You’ve already found the best place to start. Check out the videos; everything from casting on (getting started) to different types of stitches and how to do them. No need to get too crazy buying books unless you just learn better that way. And there are free patterns galore.

And ask when you get stuck or have questions. There are a lot of GREAT knitting buddies here who really know their stuff!

Hi. For yarn, get a medium thick (also known as weight) yarn. Something fairly light colored and smooth, not fuzzy. For needles a size 9 or 10 would be good. They’re a bit larger than most people would suggest with this type of yarn, but you’ll be able to see the sts easier if they’re larger. This site has a lot of getting started videos, it’s easier to watch someone doing it than trying to figure it out from still pictures. Instead of buying a book, maybe look through what your local library has first. You can check out a couple three different ones that have basic instructions in them.
Some of the patterns on the site you linked to are knit in the round, and you might want to try them, or you may want to wait until you have more experience. Some are just knit flat which is easier. I’d suggest holding off on knitting a real `project’, and just play with your yarn and needles. Cast on about 20 stitches and practice the knit stitch. If you goof, try to figure out why (you can ask here) and fix it, but keep going. Nothing’s more frustrating than doing the same thing over and over. If you keep knitting, you’ll get better. After several inches of just doing the knit stitch, you may want to do a row of purl stitches, and alternate that with a row of knit sts. Then you may want to try out other techniques like increases and decreases, then do some ribbing or seed stitch. There’s videos for all of that here.

Definitely get knitting! :teehee:

I started with US size 9 bamboo needles, a light colored, worsted weight variegated (multicolored) yarn, the Stitch n Bitch book by Debbie Stoller, and the videos on this site. It took a few months for me to really get the hang of it, but, with patience, you can succeed, and, you’ll become addicted! :teehee:

For just getting started, all you really need is a set of needles, yarn, and this site.

Welcome to KH!

It hasn’t been that long ago I began to knit, I got a book and the instructions written out really confused me. Then I found this sight! Thats when I really started to learn, I could sit in front of the computer with my yarn and needles and play the videos over and over until I got the hang of what I was trying to learn that day. I found that a lighter colored yarn was best because you can see the stitches easier and I used an 8 needle. Dish rags are good things to start making, grandmas favorite dishrag was easy and a good way to learn alot of basics, The pattern is somewhere on this site under knitting help I belive or pattern central because I was asking for the pattern not even knowing what I was looking for. These wonderful people here came to my rescue and knew just what I was talking about! I still like to knit one or two between projects it seems I and others that I’ve given them to can’t get enough, so be prepared. Good luck and have fun >^,^<

The videos from here and a few from YouTube got me started and I’d been trying to teach myself for YEARS! It all came together when I found out there was 2 styles of knitting, English and Continental. I’d always been trying the English method and could never grasp the concept of it. I now realize it was because I had the yarn in my right hand when I needed it in my left to control it. I grabbed some size 11 needles I got years ago and some chunky yarn and sat in front of the computer doing garter stitch. The next night I learned to purl. I was so proud of myself. :mrgreen:

As for when you will be ready to knit things from your site…It looks like there is a lot of variety there. (I didn’t look at individual patterns just the pictures on that first page.) You should probably look through things and find things that are pretty simple right at first and then pick things that get progressively harder and help you learn new skills. But if you get into it and practice you’ll be able to start in right away on something.

This site is the best place to start! Seriously! I got the knitting for dummies book to help me start, but nothing made it easier than actually seeing the videos and doing it. A book was not enough, I needed to see it done and it made it so much easier. I just started a few months ago and absolutely love knitting and would not have been able to do it without KnittingHelp. I second starting with 9 or 10 size straight needles (I used bamboo to start, but either is gonna be fine), a medium thread and follow the video to cast on and play with the two basic stitches - knit and purl. Everything is based on the knit stitch and the purl stitch - at least as far as I can tell. Go to the small project video too, it shows everything from start to finish. Amy and Sheldon are my heroes for this site - :hug:

I’d then start a simple project that incorporates knitting and purling and some of the different ways they are used together (like ribbing and how to knit 2 together). You will find between the videos and the wonderful help in these forums that you can do this and you will love it. Come back and ask for help, anytime, I can assure you that you will get real help here, friendly help.

Hey welcome to KH! I began knitting about seven or eight years ago. I had my mom teach me how to cast on, and my dad teach me the knit stitch. And that’s all that I learned from there. I didn’t even know how to hold the yarn correctly until about a week ago. I would manually wrap it…anyway, a couple of months ago I tried to teach myself the purl stitch. I had a couple of “how-to” books, and tried to learn it from there, but it just never really clicked with me. Finally, I decided I would google it. I found this site, and the video, and all of a sudden I was in a whole new world that I had never imagined exsisted! The videos on this site helped me so much, it was amazing. And there were more patterns out there than I could have ever imagined. When I found something that I liked, but came across a stitch that I didn’t know/understand, I’d come to this site and look at the videos, and if for some reason those didn’t help, I’d come on to the boards and ask.
Well, it seems like I’ve talked a bit too much, but I really hope you enjoy knitting. And welcome to the knitting world! :hug: