haven’t seen her 'round lately!!

I bet she busy getting ready for Christmas :smiley:

yeah, i’ve been knittin i was going to post a pic later… been kind antsy and stressed about aunt flow not showing up for 2 months…i know TMI… so took a test yesterday and i am knocked up again :shock: not too happy about it considering i was on birth control and trying to figure out if i took something that knocked out the BC. didn’t feel right posting about it considering certain situatiions going on with other folk tryin to get pregnant and it not going so well and here i am not trying to and its too easy and not being overly happy about it… so i’ve been here just not saying much!!! thanks for askin though… makes me feel loved!!! :heart:

Glad to have ya back! congrats!! :heart:

Fertile Myrtle!! God bless ya Carmell! :heart:

glad to see you posting! congrats! everything will work out for ya. hugs :heart:

thats what eveyones been callin me since had just 3!!!

thanks ya’ll

Awwww, Carmell. :heart: Hugs to you!!

WARNING: long post ahead…

Oh Carmel… I feel for you sooooo much. I got pregnant with my #5 while on the waiting list for a tubal after my #4 {gotta love Canadian Medicare… NOT!!!}. I was terrified to tell DH that I was late, and was beside myself about getting tested. About three weeks after I told DH that I was late, I was taking DS to the doc’s for his 1 year check up, and doc asked how I was… I told him that I needed a pregnancy test. HE LAUGHED AT ME! I didn’t get mad at him at all though, can’t blame the guy when we had 6 kids at home at the time {DH has 2 from his previous marriage}, and he knew I was going for the tubal. Another kid was just not what we had in mind at all. Ya had to laugh or you’d end up cryin’ if you know what I mean. When DH came home from work that night I took him out on to the deck {the only kid-free place at the time} and gave him the news. I was bawling my eyes out I was so upset. I was nearly hyperventilating. DHs reaction shocked the hell out of me, he was actually happy! I guess he’d had the three weeks to get used to the idea and he’d even already told the guys at his work that I was! :doh: :shock: It was interesting phoning the OB/GYNs office to let them know that I didn’t need the tubal, and for how long I could continue going to my GP for visits. I am of the firm belief that everything happens for a reason, and those reasons will be revealed in good time if you are patient… our reasons for having Little Lissa are that we lost my Mom to a brief battle with cancer 3 months later, and to make me enjoy Christmas again {a difficult time for me for other reasons}… we had her Dec. 28th.
As a side note, I called the OB/GYNs office from the hospital after having her to book my tubal since they don’t do them the day after anymore {wouldn’t have been able to between Xmas and New Year’s anyway}, only 6 weeks after unless you have a C-section. I tried booking it for 6 weeks after my due date when on one of my Dr. visits but no go! :wink: It was scheduled for the beginning of March. The office knew how desperate I was for the tubal, and when a cancellation came up that was sooner, they gave it to me. Lissa was 6 weeks and 1 day old when I went in! :roflhard:
Basically what I’m getting at here is that I totally understand being completely devastated at finding out you’re pregnant. I think all of us know someone that’s trying and can’t do it, and here we are, getting pregnant by just thinking about sex. We’re “supposed” to be happy, but we’re not. There’s nothing wrong with us {no matter what anyone says}, we’re just stuck in a situation that we really didn’t want to be in, and didn’t plan for {or planned against}. Lotsa virtual hugs and mental good vibes comin’ to you from a very chilly section of Canada.

thanks Nicole, i really needed that!.. my husband called me today and asked if i was depressed. i’m not but i was getting there. and he told me it would be ok and that it must be meant to be. i was somewhat nervous about telling him but he wanted another one infact he hopes its twins!! i really don’t want to go there but it is a really good possiblity. his father is a twin, he has twin brothers, and i have a twin! i pray that its not…though itwould be cool but i’d be by myself and i don’t think i could handle it!!! thanks again!!! :heart:

THERE YOU ARE!! oh my, congratulations!!!
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
now you’ll be needing to knit even more!!

i know!!!

those needles are smokin’!!!

Aww Congrats Carmell!

I can remember whenever my mom got told that she was going to be a grandmother at the age of 38! :roflhard: (my sister-in-law called while my mom was on the way down to the doctors to get a checkup, and my mom about wrecked with me in the car! :shock: )

There she is :smiley: Oh, Carmell, it will work out, my friend. I know that you must be a bit in shock, but as your husband said, it’s meant to be. It’s very, very, very obvious that you are a GREAT MOM!! I have this [color=orange]BIG HUG[/color] for you and know that we are here for you :wink:

aw :heart: see, things will be fine. hang in there, hun!

thanks ya’ll

grandma at 38 huh? well i don’t know the ages but my grandmother had a baby(my mother) around the same time her oldest daughter had a baby. the same daughter ( my aunt) had a baby around the same time her oldest (the 1st baby) had a baby. my aunts oldest had a baby around the same time HER daughter had a baby… its just a contiuing cycle!!! did that make sense?


I had a student who was 14, her mother was 29 and her grandmother was 44. Luckily she escaped that tradition.

I remember students in elementary school who had uncles in the same grade because mother and daughter had babies at the same time.