Where is the new Knitty? UPDATE: It's HERE!

Am I early??? Am I impatient??? Are they LATE??? :tap:

Probably right on time… I think the last one came out about the first Tuesday or Wednesday of the month it was scheduled.


I’m impat…errr… eager for the new Knitty, too! :nails:

it will get here, we must have patience.

Of course, if it isn’t here by Saturday, I might start to scream.

patience-schmatience. I WANT MY KNITTY!!! :!!!:

Pay-shuns? What is this ‘pay-shuns’ you speak of?

:tap: :tap: :tap: :poke: c’mon knitty :wink: :poke: :tap: :tap:

I want some new drooling material :wink:

I want to see what they picked instead of my submission… :pout: :nails:




It’s up now.

Sheldon is too cute! :teehee:

There is a LOT of stuff I like, too many to list!

I :heart: it all. (well, almost all) - especially Eiffel!! And the little stuffed toys (I’m a turtle freak). Yay. :cheering:

I like Eiffel too! And Sheldon and Norberta. Argosy is very pretty.

And zomg the napkin rings! I wonder if it’s hard working with the wire?

I like Monkey, Calorimetry, and Antifreeze (although I don’t ski, snowboard, or snowmobile, I just think it’s cute!!).

Starsky Jr is cute too!

Monkey is pretty!

And Binary is kinda ugly but it makes me laugh. :roflhard:

The only thing that really stood out for me was Norberta. I HAVE to make one once the holidays are over.

i am so mad. i am knitting a bag right as i type that is simlar to the brown bag and i like this pattern better… guess i can always frog… but i was done with the bag just had to do the straps… dangit :frog: :waah: :gah:

Well, I have to say I’m a little dissapointed. Didn’t they just do an issue full of hats and mittens and socks??? There are a LOT of those type patterns in here. I do :heart: the turtle though!!

You definitely need to knit the turtle, Hild! :cheering:

I Don’t like the nekkid pic of him, though… skeerryyyyy :pout: