Where is the join on the leg of a sock?

Need help determining where the join of a sock, knit in the round, will end up on the leg – sides, above the gusset, front/back? Thanks for your help.

What is the name of the pattern you’re following? Can you give us a link to it?
Cuff down or toe up?

Thanks for the welcome. I am wanting to make the Pillars socks
http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/pillars which has a 10 stitch design down the sides of the socks. I have been having issues with ladders at the join and didn’t want to have a pattern at or within the joining area. I hope this makes sense. I made 3 pairs of socks years ago, and just don’t recall and cannot tell by looking at my old socks where exactly the join is.
Thanks for any assistance you may be able to give.

It looks like the pattern starts on needle 1 just after the join (needle 2 and 1) and then the pattern repeats just before the second join (needle 1 and 2). If you want to place the pattern more toward the center of the needles, move the join to the middle of the k12 and shift the sts on needle 2. Use markers to mark the original joins so that you know where to work the heel sts.

I snug up the first stitch after a join just a bit to prevent ladders and that seems to help.

Thanks so much for your help. I now see how it comes together. Can’t wait to get started tonight.
Thanks again.