Where is it?

I’m looking everywhere for at least one of Barbara Walker’s “Treasury of Knitting Patterns”, but where are they? Are they not in print anymore? Amazon.com has some used copies, but they are kind of pricey. Any suggestions? I’m very bummed out.

They are pricey, no way to get around that. :shrug:

Check the used books at barnesandnoble.com, too, you may find one there. Also try ebay and half.com (ebay’s book store).

Alibris sell some Walker Books --: http://www.alibris.com/search/books/author/Walker,%20Barbara%20G

I got my Mosaic Knitting from there :mrgreen:

You can get them from schoolhousepress, they also have a set of the 4 books with discount.

You might also try AbeBooks (http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?an=walker%2C+barbara&sts=t&tn=treasury+of+knitting&x=0&y=0). Prices seem to be comparable to Alibris and for a few copies slightly cheaper than at Amazon.com (although once you add shipping that is pretty much obliterated). Good luck.

Woo hoo! This might be the way to go!!!:happydance:

I hadn’t realized that $30 was the regular retail price for her books–not that they’re not worth it, of course, but I’m used to going on Amazon and picking up used books all the time for fractions of the new book price. I was bummed that they had used books for practically the same price as the new ones which is why I thought maybe the books were out of print (because the used copies were practically the same price as the new ones). I’m sure they’re every bit worth their $30, but I was suprised a paperback book would be $30 for a new copy and the used copies would be the same. Thanks for your help, everbody!

public library, you can make copies, if they are for PERSONAL use only without violating copywrite restrictions. I made copies of the ones I absolutely love but not all of them until I can afford to buy the books.

I love the library for seeing if I really want to buy a book or if there is only one pattern in it I would like. lol

They were re-issued a couple of years ago and they are widely available at bookstores including amazon.com.

I like the re-issues better than the originals; I think the pictures are clearer.