Where is HeatherFeather?

Many of you Stashbusters will remember HeatherFeather very well as being one of the most helpful and organized Year of the Stash partners in the world!!!

I have not seen nor heard from her in a lonnnng time.
I think I sent a PM a few months ago…but got no response. I think I remember that she posted a message one time…something about her 'puter having a virus or something.

Anyhoo…does anyone know where she is? Or, how she is?

Remember, she created that Finished ProjectsTally Sheet for us…a place that we could collectively enter how many Stashbuster projects we completed each month?

Such a way cool young woman, and very talented.:happydance:

HERE is a link to her Finished Projects Tally Sheet thread.

I see in her Profile that she has a website called CatonsvilleKnits…she seems to be offering knits for sale and classes for $10 per hour.

She lives in Catonsville, MD…a burb of Baltimore.

AWWWW how SWEET to be missed!!!

My life turned upside down with a new job…it’s increased my hours, and while I was learning my new job I didn’t get to the internet much.

I am a SAHM by heart, and this rocked me to the core, but I needed a way to pay tuition for my ds to go to private school. We are in our busy time (there are 2 per year), so there are times I just don’t get to the web.

But, I’m now “learned”…lol…and have FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY been able to get back here to KH.

Even my mom is grouchy…you NEVER email/write/call…yeah whatever…it goes both ways…I work in a call center, so the LAST thing I want to do when I get home is yack on a phone…My dear friend said…now we really ARE like sisters…we NEVER talk!!!

It’s nice to be missed…and I feel like I’m almost (meaning a day or two) back to where I can think about other things than what a horrible mother I feel like. THIS is NOT a deal where I think working mom’s are horrible…I have issues…lol…and can only do 1 or 2 things well. (thank you Flylady!!!)

I’ve not even LOOKED at the stashlist in like forever…is anybody still using it? I REALLY want to get back to it…sigh…

but thanks my dear for looking for me. :slight_smile:

Hi again! :waving:

Oh I am so happy to hear from you! My DD is almost coming up the driveway…we are going to visit a special yarn shop many miles from here called the Weaving Works…kinda like a Field Trip. What a great thing to do in the POURING RAIN, eh?

I will write more later, and in the meantime dear friend…I am happy that your life is FULL…and that your absence was due to LIFE’S FULLNESS!

Yeah!! Talk to ya later! :waving: