Where is foldedbird?

I noticed that foldedbird (Denise) hasn’t posted in a long time…I hope she’s okay! Has anyone heard from her?

I’ve been wondering too. :??

:smiley: I’ve been wondering, too! I pm’d her ages ago & got no response :rollseyes:

Hey everyone.

I was lucky enough to catch Denise on MSN a few days ago.

She’s just REALLY busy at the moment, doesn’t get a chance to be online much at all these days.

This is a question I’ve been meaning to ask for several weeks!!! I figured she might have found another forum or somehthng, but I’mglad , as usual, that more than one of us was thinking about her!! Hope she was ok!

I’ve been wondering about her, too. Glad to hear she’s okay, and I hope the busy is a good busy!