Where Is Everyone?

I’ve noticed that the amount of traffic to this website has fallen off a lot. Where can everyone be? Don’t they know that there isn’t a better knitting website online? Or have they bored with knitting and gone on to something else? I love it myself, even if I don’t manage to make a lot of finished items.

BTW, what has happened to Ingrid? I hope she is OK. She use to post quite often, but I rarely she her post anymore.

It is slower. Part of it is Ravelry. I prefer the small friendly environment of KH better, but some people don’t. It’s also summer so it always drops when people are on vacation or busy with kids, gardens, etc.

I’m not sure what happened to Ingrid. I hope she’s okay, too. :hug:

I prefer the interaction here to Ravelry as well. I just think it’s summer, vacations, etc, as Jan said. I lurk, even when I’m not responding, I’m still reading.

As the who’s down in whoville said, “we are here, we are here, we are here!” LOL!

I’m fairly new here, and am on Ravelry as well as a knit and crochet group on Cafe Mom. It is fun to be in the smaller groups as you can get to know people better. I have my “routine”…I check emails, check facebook, and then go to my 3 knitting knooks…here, Ravelry, and knit and crochet Moms (on cafe Mom). Guess I’m just a knitting knerd, huh? Oh!! That could make a cool t-shirt! Heh heh!!:stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m still around though not as often with it being summer and the kiddos being home…Will probably be around a bit more once the kids go back to school!

I am here too - I read these boards daily. Just don’t comment too much.:aww:

Me Too!. I prowl around here all the time.

Me, three. I check this site pretty much every day but don’t comment either. Part of the reason for that is that it’s probably been 4 or 5 months since I’ve been knitting. :frowning:

I’m here too - not as much this summer though. I don’ t know why this summer seems so much busier then usual for me. I thought once the kids got older summer’s slowed down. Doesn’t seem to be so. DD came home from college early May and life has been crazy!! I have done the least amount of knitting in the last couple of months than I think I ever have. DH developed an issue with his heart (irregular heartbeat) early March and he’s home more often too. DH and DD seem to tag team each other as far as one of them being home all the time. Love them both but am really in DT’s for some “me” time.

I have managed to finish three bibs, a set of dishcloths and a couple of iPod socks this summer. Will post pics as soon as I get a chance. :slight_smile:

I lurk a lot too. I have to say that I miss the OT thread. It’s a bit tough to slog through the General Knitting area sometimes. I understand the reason for the switch, but I still miss OT.

I agree, wholeheartedly!! I miss it too, because even when I have nothing knitting going on, I could still have a place to chat.

Yeah…me too…I used to hang out more down there than anywhere else…sigh

I too am lurking…!!

I’m here as well…I’m reading most of the day at work…keeping up to date like most others…mainly lurking unless I see a thread that catches my attention

I lurk a lot, but I rarely post on the forums on rav…I vastly prefer the format of this message board for one thing.

I’m still here, too…Summer is our busy season at work so I don’t get to relax and get involved as much but I do check the threads, jump in once in awhile, still knitting some but mostly dealing with “Boat people”…can’t wait til winter! OMG…did I just say that??? I hate cold weather but it is when I vacation. :muah:

I am here lurking away…I have starting working a bit over the summer so I have less time…also my boys are going insane and hitting the Terrible twos early…

Yo! Here. Quietly knitting or crocheting in the background.

I keep up with the Crochet! forum and What’cha Knittin’? I try to keep up with General knitting.

Hi everyone - I am here too even though I don’t always log on unless I have something to say. Summer is just the busy time for most people I guess. Hope you are all having a great summer.:knitting:

Summer is when I can knit to my hearts content. I have to worry about lesson plans, grades, and my own two teen’s schedules otherwise. Don’t get me wrong, I am still busy. Just a more relaxed busy. Thankfully, it has been a mild summer so far for us,…Which means it is not too hot to knit. :cool:

For me it’s been more work and the party planning, which should now taper off until September or so for me. I knit quite a bit during the summer for the cold months and for Christmas. It’s quite a productive time for me as I refuse to cook in this heat.

Plus, many folks go on vacation during the summer months and everything tends to slow down everywhere, as I’ve noticed.