Where is a free fingerless glove pattern?

I found a few on the internet, but I just don’t like them, or they are too complicated to understand. I would really like one that maybe has cables, or something pretty like that. Please reply if you find a cool pattern.

here’s some:
My fav: Fetching
These are gorgeous
Here is a whole list of mittens and gloves :slight_smile:

These are like fingerless gloves but you don’t need dpns!

Here are tons of patterns (not all for fingerless gloves)! Hope you find something you like.

Knitting Pattern Central - Free Mitten and Glove Knitting Pattern Link Directory

Lion Brand has some Cabled ones on their site (they call them arm cozies on the site though) They are knit flat too so you don’t need to use DPNs if you don’t want to

I’m going to make these for my daughter.

I just made a pair for my sister, but the pattern isn’t free. I got it from[I] Last Minute Knitted Gifts[/I]. They were super easy and very cool looking. They didn’t have cables but they did have a spiral rib. :shrug:

I second the [I]Fetching[/I] as far as the free patterns go. I have some cashmere blend set aside for those babies. :cheering:

GL and please let us know what you decide!

Thanks Samsam! I LOVE those!!! I am already finished with one. I just started last saturday (I can only work on the weekends) and finished it the next day. I have started the other today. Thanks again, Eleni Victoria = ]

These are on my to-do list: