Where does ur FO pose?

I was just looking at the my FO pics and noticed that each time i finished my project, I would place it on my bed and take a pic.

Where do u take a pic of ur FO

well USUALLY they are on the bed. The back side of my quilt is off white so it makes a good background most of the time. Sometimes it happens at my desk at work, or on the cushion i use for my laptop when i am sitting on the sofa.

oops, i posted this twice! :rofl:

usually, the couch. sometimes the kitchen table.

All of the above, and then some. (Including WIPs)

I have taken pictures on my bedroom floor, the living room floor, and the kitchen floor. I have taken pictures on the kitchen table, and the kitchen counter. I have taken pictures on my desk, and on my bed.

Usually on the floor in a bright window for natural lighting.

usually the sofa, with one of my sweatshirts or something covering the shiny cushion fabric.
if the bed’s made and I’m getting decent light in there, then bed it is.

It depends on what it is. Usually on the floor, but my nine-year-old daughter is usually all too eager to ham it up for the camera wearing whatever I’ve made! :teehee:

In good light I go for the dining room table, in poor light I like the (white) radiator since it’s right under a window. Plus I can usually count on those surfaces looking presentable!

Sofa… mainly because my dining room table is covered in other craft stuff…


I get the best light in the mornings in my bathroom, so the bathroom ledge or outside, usually.

Outside on the garden fence…:slight_smile:

I use my dining room table. It is funny to look back at all my FO pictures and see the same background :teehee: