Where does everyone buy there needles from online please?

hell all

i need to finally buy more needles. i want some size 5 (us) dpn.

where is the cheapest place to buy metal dpn’s that will ship to france please that is good?

i have googled them but there are soo many. so thought i’d ask here as everyine would know the best places as i now need to slowly start getting my needles replaced (i was left all my needles just about from my gran who died a couple of years ago, so now feel its time to add to them to start some new project)

thank you yet again

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I buy all my needles at Knitpicks I just love their Harmony and Options needles. Both the circular and DP’s.

I also buy from Knitpicks. I love both the Harmonies and Options.

BTW–I think you have a bit of a typo in your greeting.:teehee:




Knitpicks :woot:

But KnitPicks doesn’t send to France. It’s not really an option for her, i think.

But i think there is some distributors on Europe of KP.

Someone posted a link to Knitpick outlets in several countries in Europe just a couple of days ago.

Here is the site


check out your local charity shops too

there are a few sellers in the UK that sell Denise on ebay, I got mine from p2toguk but they’re not always in stock

I buy mine from where-ever I get yarn. It’s no discount that way, but I am buying what I need as I need it.