Where do you spend your time?

Where did you spend most of your knitting-related internet time in September? Choose one option that most closely represents your answer.

In making a choice between a “toss-up” between KH and Rav…we’re asking for folks to chose the one the they usually need to [I]GO TO[/I] first thing!

If you would like to leave a comment about WHY you spent more time in your knitting-related favorite, that would be appreciated!

Such as:
[I][B]Why[/B][/I] did you spend most of your time at your #1 in September?
[I][B]What did you especially like about[/B][/I] your #1 knitting-related place?

Need a new option
Fairly evenly split between both
I chose rav only because I have more forum choices to read there
but I come here first and last
firefox allows me to have both websites as my homepage (along with weather forecast and facebook)
but I do love my KH, and recomend it to ALL the knitters who do not want to pay me to be their knitting tutors


I have 6 tabs open on Firefox right now, Google News, KH, Google Reader, Ravelry, Plurk and right now Molehill Empire (:tap:Rae!). I bounce all over the place checking out my “favs”. Can’t really say where I spent most of my time though, there are times where Plurk can keep me busy for a little bit, the other night I was chatting here on KH for the evening, Ravelry can be a time suck every now and then…:shrug:


Thanks for your feedback, ecb! :thumbsup: I think you definitely voted correctly about your time split.

In making a choice between a “toss-up” between KH and Rav…we’re asking for folks to chose the one the they usually need to [I]GO TO[/I] first thing!

We wanted a definitive percentage with this September Poll…so that is why the options are a, b, [I]or[/I] c.

I personally voted for KH because the [I]first thing I do[/I] after firing up my laptop is check my email inbox…and click through the links for my KH thread subscriptions! After I’ve checked out my favorite threads…THEN, if time allows, I mosey on over to the Ravelry Ranch and see if I messages there…tweak my Notebook and projects…then check out my favorite groups for new posts, etc.

I voted KH because I don’t want to get behind on the forums I check regularly. I only have about three forums I check regularly on Ravelry, so that’s fairly quick. My number of posts on each reflects the time I spend on these sites.

I spend more time on this site because of the forums here. I feel like I “know” people here and I always get such great info here.

When I do go to Ravelry, it’s usually to look up a pattern. I don’t spend anytime in the forums even though I belong to several groups there. It’s just not as interesting to me.

It will be interesting to see the final results!:slight_smile:

How about equally? I spend as much time here as Ravelry, and a bit less on 2 other boards and some yahoo lists I’m on.

Okay, read your post #4, and I think you should have worded your poll to reflect `where do you go first’. So I’ll vote for KH, cause it’s the first thing I do after opening my browser to the email and comics in the morning, and when I get home from work I sometimes skip the email.

I agree with you, lelvsdgs! I like the smaller, intimate community of knitters here at KH!

I’ve learned and seen some interesting things at Rav…but KH is my homebase.

Because of computer problems and a major knitting project (and that stoopid work/family stuff) I haven’t been on the computer as much, but KH is my first stop, and usually my only stop.

I check Rav periodically to see if I have any messages, or to look for a pattern, but that’s about it.

I only go to ravelry when I can’t find what I need on KH. :shrug: I love our little community, and I think there’s too much happening at ravelry. All my friends are here! :heart: When I do go, I pretty much just use the features KH doesn’t have, like being able to look at different projects from several people at once, or to find out what I can do with X yards of _______ yarn. I rarely go to the forums.

PS… is this out of curiosity, or is Amy doing research, or what… :shifty:

Definitely here! I like to browse patterns over at Ravelry but everything else they have is a bit overwhelming to me, even the patterns can get overwhelming. I love our atmosphere here, it’s kind of like Cheers, where everybody knows your name! :teehee:

I love this forum and always check it first and last. I know I don’t post much, but I am here reading daily. Most days I visit in the morning and evening. Rav gets my attention to see what my friends are doing and looking at others’ projects, but I am not big on their forums.

The other knitting forums - well, one I like is so slow I do not have the patience to wait and the other is a bit too complainy.

This is THE best place to be!

I always come to KH first after reading emails and my yahoo groups.
Ravelry for me is just the best place to find, research and store
patterns! I belong to a few groups there but am not a very active
participant in the forums.:slight_smile:


No, Amy has nothing to do with this Poll. Promise!

After a long summer, and Fall approaching, the Mods have been discussing
our website, the Forum and its activity. We want to get your feedback. The information will assist us in making KH an even better, more useful
’home away from home’ for you!

That’s all!

The Poll closes at the end of October, so KH members…go for it! Post your comments and we will be listening! :thumbsup: Your feedback is what makes this place better! We value your input!

Hi all,

I hardly post at all but I keep up on the threads and all the characters populating this site. I love KH. I am a member of ravelry but just lightly browse there. KH being smaller makes it more intimate. Ravelry is too big and impersonal IMO. Thanks for all the time and effort the Mods invest here.


Ninety five times out of a hundred, I come here. As others stated, I go there to check out a pattern, but prefer the smaller, homier feeling, here.

I voted KH because this is where I feel most comfortable. I do spend time on Ravelry, but I only read certain sections and completely avoid others.

Sometimes. . .the Ravelry members scare me. If I have a question I post it here. Plus, it seems like here there are a lot less heated debates, thread-jacking, and off-topic stuff. Probably because it is a smaller group and easier to control or manage, or maybe we are more laid back. I don’t know.

I do spend time uploading my projects and checking out the patterns/projects for what I want to do next.

Maybe it is about even, but for different reasons and different things.

I usually check here first and stay on here longer.

I ALWAYS come here first and if time permits I might check out a bit of stuff on Ravelry but for the most part I post here,and I post projects completed here. I don’t put much on Rav because I hardly am ever on there at all.

I think Rav & KH each have their uses. I agree that KH is much more intimate then Rav.

However, I use Rav for the patterns and yarn information. I love the feedback from others regarding what they made & the yarn they used. That is invaluable to me.

However, if I have a question regarding a technique or pattern, I definitely look to KH.

KH is my homepage. I do browse Ravelry but KH is where I post and share. Love Ravelry for the patterns and seeing the same projects with different yarns but KH is home.