Where do you put st marker for magic loop?

when i do magic loop and i use a stitch marker, it never stays in the right place, it just goes bobbling around my circ instead of marking the beginning of the round

That’s common, just push it back into place when you’re ready to start the next round.

I’m doing a hat magic loop right now, and I’m using the “tail end” to mark the beginning of the round.

When I’m knitting socks, etc., I hang the stitch marker on the first stitch of the round. I move it back up to the top about every 5 rows or so.

I just use a saftey pin at the point where the new round starts, because it’s next to impossible to keep a marker on 2 circulars for socks.

I don’t use a stitch marker with magic loop. The beginning of needle 1 is the beginning of the round. If the stitch pattern is the same on needles 1 & 2, I just use the cast on tail to remind me where the beginning is.

It may wander around the cord, but it’s still between the last and first stitches, right? If you use a ring marker, and not a hook marker…


Or you can just put it one stitch in from the edge… using the tail only works for some things, if I’m making socks, I soon lose sight of the tail. Having the marker sliding all over the circs annoys me.

It will magically go next to the stitch it should be beside once you come back to that part. But for ML and 2 circs… do you really need a stitch marker if you don’t have ladder problems? It’s at the point where one half of the circ, or one of the 2 circs, leaves the knitting, and there are only two of those!