Where do you guys like to get your yarn?

The more I get into knitting, the less the local Joann’s and other craft shops selections are cutting it. I want to get online and start ordering some yarn, maybe be able to look for specific multicolor skeins and stuff like that, but I have no idea where to go for good, reasonably priced yarns. Where do you all like to go?



also, click on the STASH tab at top of page right here for several shops that advertize here. Always good to support them!

I shop at :

and on eBay. My LYS has a descent selection of yarn and now even has some inexpensive yarns. Sometimes I even can get what I need at AC Moore’s.

You can find very nice yarns at a good price at elann.com with low shipping. They have overstocks of brand name yarns as well as their house brand which is a decent quality.

Part of the cost is not just the store it’s the fiber you choose. Some are very pricey!

In addition to the already suggested stores-


I’ve also shopped at these stores -


I have been to this store and it is fabulous!!!
Excellent selection and great return policy.

I’m just going to throw in a little plug for your local yarn store. Shopping online is great, but supporting indy business in your area is a good idea too, when possible. :slight_smile:

I’ve only bought online a few times, because I don’t have a credit card. The few times I’ve done it, I used my hubby’s card, or used a giftcard from one of my piano students.
(I’ve had bad experiences with credit cards and debit cards, so I just stay away from them.)

ANYWAY…sorry for the long story that had nothing to do with yarn. :teehee:

I’ve gotten some lovely yarn from Knit Picks, and some great deals on eBay.

Other than that, all my yarn has been purchased at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, and my local yarn shop, Cottage Yarn.

As I don’t have a LYS nearby (it’s an hour’s drive to anything), I usually shop at yarn.com or Ebay. I’ve also shopped at JimmyBeansWool.com for things I can’t find at Yarn.com. That’s for my nice yarn.

I get my inexpensive yarns at JoAnns or Michaels or WalMart.

I really like Knitpicks.com for alot of yarn and my needles but I do really like AC Moore, Micheals and now that Hobby Lobby is less than 10 minutes away, I go there too. There are a few LYS’s here that I have not been to but I do not like to go to one unless I know I can buy something from there and that is not possible at the moment.

My DW took me with her to A.c. Moore but I didn’t buy any yarn. They seemed to have a larger selection than Michael’s but I didn’t like the color choices or available fibers. Must every sock yarn have 70% or more wool? :eyebrow2:

I get most of my yarn at Michael’s. I can at least find something in colors I would wear. :wink:

Wal-Mart is a bust every time. The super centers have just a small yarn areas and are all acrylic all the time. Not to mention the patronage tends toward the messy, disrespectful, and even down right destructive. :nails:

Sorry, I’ll [/rant] now. :oops:

Be sure to price more than one place until you get used to what different yarns generally cost. I priced Cascade super wash at this site and it was considerably more expensive then the LYS that I have ship it to me

The “sock experts” say that wool is the best fiber for socks. They say that wool avoids sweat, because it allows your feet to “breathe”, and prevents foot odor.

I’ve noticed that I can wear a pair of wool socks several times before they need to be washed, so they might be right!

at the moment, I use a lot of standard lincraft yarn or treasures I find in my mum’s stash.

Because I’m in reality still a beginner, I’m not ready to start using expensive wool yet.

The project I’m doing at the moment is really heavy, so I’m glad I used acrylic. It would be a nightmare in real wool!

But Shandeh, some of us are allergic to all animal fibers! So we so appreciate the alternatives! Such as cotton, soy and bamboo, and even some acrylics are okay if you don’t have sweaty feet.

But here are the places I’ve used that I been happy with for general yarn purposes. When I need something very specific, such as Blue Moon, etc., I go directly to them:

www.yarnmarket.com The best customer service you can find and fantastic selection.



Just a note about the wool in socks…if you are truly allergic then you must stay away, but many people are just sensitive to wool. I am one of them who is very sensitive around my neck and chest area, BUT wool doesn’t bother my feet or hands at all. So if you’re just sensitive you might still be fine for socks.

I always do some searching for good price and I did get yarn at Webs only because I was there and it was cheaper than anywhere I have seen it. Now I read about Hobby Lobby stores and there isn’t a single store in any of the New England states except NY which is way to far to go to check out a store.

WEBs has a big variety and the prices are competitive. I think in regard to some yarn eg. Cascade mentioned above, they may not be the cheapest. I think the biggest bargains there are the yarns they self produce-the North Hampton line. This is good yarn and fairly cheap. Their own lace yarn is a good deal too- a half pound cone for $22. Watch for their sales. If you have a chance to actually go there, go. Its a once in a lifetime experience.

WEBS (yarn.com) (they offer 20-25% add’l discounts for larger orders)

YARNZILLA (yarnzilla.com) (she, too, offers 20-25% add’l discounts for larger orders!)

Elann (elann.com) (best prices in town IMO)

KnitPicks (knitpicks.com)

I usually buy in local LYSes, but recently tried eBay for some self-striping yarns … and I’m happy!
Here was some really nice Evilla stuff: