Where do you get your patterns?

At first this title was going to be “I bought a book!” but then…

So I’m in desperate search for a plain-old pullover pattern. I want something that is slightly cropped, quite fitted, maybe a cable pattern, or something. I loved this at KnitPicks, but $20? For a book I can’t look through? And Ravelry, while giving me some stupendous feminine patterns, doesn’t do fitted or cropped too well, never mind both at once. Or maybe my search abilities are sucking.

So I went to Barnes & Noble, found the book that pattern is in, and… couldn’t do it. The picture on the model wasn’t what I was thinking of, the ease was a lot bigger than I anticipated, and for the rest of the book… Where am I going to find all of those (luxurious, gorgeous) rare expensive fibers?

So I started slogging through the books and magazines, looking for a pattern I could fall in love with. Nothing. Until… I found Custom Knits. Not only did I love almost every single pattern in it, it promises to teach me how to design my own. Yay! This will keep me busy for YEARS…

So where do you get your patterns?

You didn’t leave a choice for `All of the above’. Mostly I get them from the internet, but a few from books, magazines and I make up a lot of my own, sometimes combining elements from 2 or more patterns. As to the free - I use the library to get books I don’t want to buy for a pattern or two, or to look over a book to see if I want to buy it.

Yeah, I do all of them, too.

All of the above. And I’m willing to pay for a pattern if I really want it. :thumbsup:

I get patterns at all the above, too. I pay for some, get some free and get some books. I have the custom knits book, too and I really like it!

I like to be able to really look at pattern construction before I buy b/c I hate seaming! I try to stick with one piece patterns or patterns that can be adapted to one piece. Therefore, I don’t buy too many patterns on line b/c they don’t always say the type construction.


You need to have an “all of the above” option. :slight_smile:

I know, I know!!! But it won’t let you edit the poll, or I’m blind, or something.

Bambi, that’s what I like so much about it - there’s so much encouragement to modify the patterns and it tells you HOW. How awesome is that? Besides the fact that I LOVE at least a half-dozen of the patterns, and that totally covers the cost of the book in my eyes.

I see an edit poll button, but maybe 'cause I’m a mod. It’s at the upper right corner of the box the poll is in.

Most are from my books. I have bought some through Ravelry. I do have some I found free on the internet. I have an addiction for knitting book’s as well as yarn.

I too use all of the above. I’m happy to pay for a pattern/book if there is something I just love. It’s nice to get free patterns but I’m willing to pay for them too.

Great question!

My library doesn’t have much in the way of books and the only book store in town barely carries 10 knitting books, so I get most of my patterns from the internet - mostly through Ravelry.

And I am Totally jealous that you have Custom Knits! I just adore Wendy Bernard. I don’t thing I’ve ever seen anything she’s designed that I didn’t like. Next time I make it up the road to B&N, I am totally buying it. And when you run out of patterns from her book, check out the ones she has on her blog. http://knitandtonic.typepad.com/

All of the above

I use all of the above … but chose books … because I can’t resist a new knitting book so I pretend that I “use” every one of them for patterns. But, most of them are for pure pleasure reading :slight_smile:

Yes, I would have said “most of the above” except they do not have to be free for me. But I do get my patterns from many sources.:muah:

I love the free patterns, and I have a few books too. But forget Barnes - goodness, talk about expensive! Even paperbacks. Good Lord!

I’m planning on getting one of those books that show nothing but different stitches, so I can eventually just create my own projects.

I checked out Custom Knits. from what I can see this seems like a great book, I might have to purchase it myself.

All of the above…I do go the library and check out a book to see if I want to purchase it. And when I decide to purchase, I tend to go through Amazon. But I sure do love free patterns! :slight_smile:

Same here.

All of the above.

I’m a Barnes & Noble cardholder, so the book was 20% off, which is still more expensive that you can get it from Amazon and KnitPicks has it for $16.50 right now.

As far as patterns for me goes, this is my first book. I’ve been captivated by Knitty.com, and I love looking at Ravelry. I need to get to knitting, I have more projects lined up than I can finish this year!