Where do you get the yarn needed for MaryElla Bracelet?

Does anyone know where I can get the called for yarn for the beaded Mary Ella bracelet from knitty?

It calls for DMC…I have two small kids and don’t want to drag them all over heck and back looking, if you have done this or have seen it, can you let me know?

I am hoping I can find it at a major chain store…??

Thanks very much!

I am planning on knitting it for my neighbor for her birthday…

I haven’t done this with yarn in particular yet, but usually when I need something and I’m not sure whether a store carries that product, I will call them first and simply ask.
That way I will not only know if they have the product, but usually they will also let you know if it happens to be sold out or if they are running low on it and you can ask them to put it on layaway (is that the word in English?).

Maybe you can try that with your yarnstores too?


well i don’t know what bracelet you are talking about but when you say DMC to me it means embroidery floss. that would be found in the counted cross stitch and needle point aisles at the store. and if you go to a place like hobby lobby or michaels you should be able to find a TON of colors and choices there.

if this isn’t what you are talking about and you already knew about that kind of DMC then ignore my silliness…lol

I may be wrong, but in my experience DMC is embroidery thread. You can get it at any craft store.

well that makes me feel better…hated the idea that i might be completely ridiculous this early in the morning! ridiculousness is usually a mid-afternoon activity! :wink:

Thanks folks, I am obviously clueless when it comes to something like this. I imagine you are right about it being Embroidery floss, since the needles they call for are 0000!

Sounds pretty small, eh? I hope I can pull this off.

Here’s the link for the MaryElla bracelet


It looks sooooo nice, I might have to make one for myself too!

[color=darkred]HERE[/color] is a link for you. It says that it comes in 206 solid colours and 32 variagated colours :shock: :happydance:

I’m really liking this Mary Ella bracelet pattern - may need to try it. How easy to find are those teeeeeeeny needles??

So far I would have get my LYS to order them for me, and are prices around 13.00 USD. Not terrible, but I wish they were cheaper…And I hate waiting, once I make up my mind! Ordering and having to wait is like punishment to me!

I should just focus on finishing up my tote I am making with Manos wool. It is a felted tote, and I am close to starting the straps which means I am almost done! If I were smart I’d order them and focus on the tote! Right?!


I found the seed beeds from a local shop for 8.00 a hank. Woo Hoo!

ooooooh i bought some Manos the other day and it has been calling me ever since…i just have too many projects started already…lol. i tend to start knitting something so i can see what it will look like on the needles and with all the yarn i bought last week i will have 20 projects going soon if i am not careful. but the manos is beautiful and when i wound it i found it to be delightfully textured…i love it when it is so obviously hand spun!

I was just at my local yarn store this morning for the first time (usually I shop at Michael’s, Wal-Mart…as my limited budget allows :rollseyes: ) - BEAUTIFUL store, oh my goodness, I may never be able to go back anywhere else. ANYWAYS…

They had the double pointed needles there - teeny teeny, though the bracelet pattern calls for 1.25mm size, I saw 1.5mm as the smallest today and the lady at the store said that at that point it doesn’t really make much difference. They were only $4.99. I didn’t buy anything, I want to check around for the beads and the yarn first but at least I know I can get them and for fairly cheap.

Also, I saw the Denise interchangeables there for $69.95 which isn’t bad at all considering I’m in Canada where everything is more expensive…well, not necessarily more expensive but the $$$ amount always sounds like more due to the exchange rate, etc.

Knitfun, have you made the bracelet yet??


Just FYI, DMC Perle cotton is not the same as their embroidery floss. The perle comes in either balls or twisted skeins, unlike the floss which comes in “straight” skeins. Fortunately most craft shops that carry the floss also carry the perle.

I’m so bitter - I was all set up to win an auction on eBay for glass seed beads for the Mary Ella bracelet. I was watching it and watching it, and with 10 SECONDS left in the auction someone else outbid me and I lost :crying:

BUT I’m onboard for another hank of beads, ending in about 1.5 hours - I’m going to be in bed by then so I’ll find out the good (or bad) news in the morning, but at least I know there’s other fish in the sea!! :lol:

Knitqueen ~ Did you win? I have such a love/hate relationship with ebay. I hope you ‘won’ this time. A friend of mine doesn’t think it is ‘winning’ when you have to pay for the item in the end. I always feel like I won though. :smiley:

I really like that bracelet. I am going to watch to see how difficult it is. Please keep us posted.


YES I won!!! It’s for 1 hank (approx 4000 beads) of czekoslovakian glass seed beads in a purple iris color. YAY!!


Oh, and I have a hard time with thinking of it as ‘winning’ too, but I AM getting it at a way cheaper price than I would in the store, so in that way I am a winner. :lol:

I’m about 3/4 the way done, I will post a pic when it’s done. I found that I needed to knit looser, and more relaxed. Otherwise the needles would slide out, and believe me I have had to frog this thing several times before I figured that out.

The pattern is incredibly easy and a snap to remember, so I don’t have to lug the pattern around with me.

I have to say I LOVE the way it looks, and now I think I’ll make one for me when I’m done with the gift one.

Knitfun, or anyone else who has made this bracelet:

I have started on it, did the 1/2" garter stitch bit, and am starting on the bead increases. I have only done 3 rows (SO tedious :shock: ) but it seems like there will be beads that mostly show on the wrong side, and beads that mostly show on the right side. It seems a bit weird to me so I’m wondering if I’m maybe doing it too tight??? Like ALL of the beads should show from the front side but because of my tension, the wrong side beads are staying only on the wrong side??

Oh Knitqueen…I just finished mine, look at the Recently Finished Projects post, I had the same question…

Just knit and don’t worry, essentially you will have beads on the front and back of the bracelet. The other thing I realized is that the knitting went much better when you knit looser. I kept dropping stitches until I figured that out!

Good luck, let me know how it goes!

I am going to be starting one for myself, the one I made was a gift for my friend.

I am soooooooooo my own worst knitting enemy :rollseyes: . I can’t tell you how many times I’ve frogged something because I didn’t like how it was coming out and a few times I’ve frogged completed items because I don’t think I’ll wear them.

So looking at my Mary Ella bracelet last night, I’m thinking “I’m REALLY not going to wear this”. It’s nice and all, but it’s quite wide and because I’m using ecru thread and dark colored beads, it’s really a contrast and will be very bold. So I think what I’m going to do is frog it and make a much narrower band, for a bracelet or I was even thinking for an anklet. I’ll let you know what comes of it and may share my “pattern” if I like it!

Oh Knitqueen…

I totally know what you mean. At first when I was making the MaryElla, I thought “geez, this is wide” but then once I got enough knit to hold around my wrist, it looks great. My DH really thought it was elegant looking. So I don’t think he’ll complain when I go get more beads!

Let us know what you end up doing. Bold is beautiful too!


I frogged it. I am starting over with just 6 stitches and I’ll do a 2 garter stitch, 1 bead, 2 stockinette stitch, 1 bead, 2 garter stitch pattern.

I agree that bold can be beautiful, but this thing was turning out much more bold than I am as a person and I KNOW that it would have sit on the cupboard and never been worn. I’m way too self-conscious for that :oops: :rollseyes: